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Dell prepares to ship 10-inch Inspiron Mini 10
— 4:03 PM on February 19, 2009

As Asus readies to discontinue 8.9" Eee PCs and focus on 10" netbooks, Dell is about to ship its first 10" netbook: the Inspiron...

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8.9-inch Eee PCs to disappear this year
— 9:51 AM on February 19, 2009

They're small, light, and cheap, and they've been seducing cash-strapped users for months now. However, 8.9" Eee PCs may also be about to disappear from...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing

12-inch netbook could be on its way from Lenovo
— 9:34 AM on February 17, 2009

With the exception of Dell's Inspiron Mini 12, the vast majority of netbooks stick to 10" and 8.9" form factors right now. DigiTimes says...

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MSI's GX630 gaming notebook
— 11:47 PM on February 12, 2009

The gaming notebook market is filled with flashy, expensive systems that tend to offer poor value. However, MSI's GX630 rings up at just $799 with...

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New Nvidia notebook drivers support GeForce 7s, Hybrid SLI
— 2:55 PM on February 11, 2009

Nvidia news just keep on flowing today. This time, the company has rolled out a new batch of beta drivers for GeForce graphics processors...

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HP netbooks to come with three Windows 7 flavors
— 12:58 PM on February 11, 2009

Microsoft believes Windows 7 will be tight and speedy enough to run on netbooks. Are PC makers buying it? Yes, at least in HP's case....

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Windows

Report: Asus laptops to hit Wal-mart later this year
— 11:11 AM on February 9, 2009

Eee PCs have already made their way into Best Buy and Target stores in the United States. Could these netbooks break down the last door...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing

10.1-inch Aspire One could show up later this month
— 9:36 AM on February 6, 2009

Although Acer's Aspire One has managed to eclipse Asus' Eee PCs in terms of worldwide popularity, the netbook is only available with an 8.9"...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing

Poll: One last netbook question
— 4:53 PM on February 3, 2009

Yes, we've already done a netbook survey, but you know how those things go—some great addition can come to mind a little while after...

Poll Question: • My netbook is:

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TR survey results shed light on netbook buying patterns
— 3:37 PM on February 3, 2009

Our netbook survey has been up for a week now, and since the vote counter doesn't seem to be going up much further, we thought...

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Eee PC 1000HE is faster, now available for pre-order
— 10:47 AM on February 2, 2009

Asus' Eee PC 1000HE has become available for pre-order in the United States. We first stumbled upon this netbook at the Consumer Electronics Show...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing

New Super Talent SSDs cater to Eee PC S101
— 11:53 AM on January 28, 2009

Asus' $650 Eee PC S101 may be thinner, lighter, and prettier than more affordable...

Type: News story Tags: Storage Mobile computing

Survey: Your netbook and you (or other people)
— 4:39 PM on January 27, 2009

Netbooks seem to be everywhere lately, and some analysts expect hardware makers to ship about 35 million of them this year alone. Considering the...

Poll Questions: • Do you own a netbook, or have you purchased/helped someone purchase a netbook in the past year? • Which company made the netbook you bought? • Who is the primary user of the netbook you bought? • Is the primary user male or female? • What is the netbook's primary use? • Aside from price, what were the most important features you considered in your netbook purchase? • Aside from price, what feature would you consider most important in a future netbook purchase or upgrade?

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New MSI gaming notebook is quick, not so heavy
— 10:05 AM on January 27, 2009

Speedy gaming notebooks don't all have to be large, heavy contraptions. MSI has...

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AMD sees the line between netbooks, notebooks blurring
— 9:43 AM on January 23, 2009

During AMD's earnings conference call yesterday, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer made some interesting predictions about the future of netbooks. As CNet News reports, Meyer...

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$999 MacBook gets GeForce 9400M graphics, too
— 4:24 PM on January 21, 2009

The $999 MacBook is no longer the lame duck of Apple's laptop lineup—well, not so much anymore. Apple has upgrade the notebook with the...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Mac

Integrated Atom to hit netbooks later this year
— 9:46 AM on January 20, 2009

Intel will introduce the current Atom's successor for netbooks and nettops in the second half of this year, DigiTimes reports. Code-named Pineview, the chip...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Mobile computing

The Radeon HD 4000 series pushes things forward
— 1:08 PM on January 14, 2009

I'm sure I'm not the only person looking forward to AMD's Mobility Radeon HD 4000 graphics processors wending their way into notebooks everywhere. I'm currently...

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