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Deal of the week: Storage, cooling, RAM, and IPS displays
— 4:53 PM on November 19, 2010

We've got a smorgasbord of deals for you this week—and, in what will hopefully become a regular feature, some deals for our Canadian friends, as...

Type: News story Tags: Cooling Storage Displays Memory

Catalyst 10.11 drivers speed up Battleforge, fix bugs
— 6:00 AM on November 18, 2010

AMD's monthly Catalyst graphics driver update has arrived a little earlier than usual. You can grab it right now from AMD's Game website; changes...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

Signs point to GlobalFoundries making AMD's 28-nm APUs
— 10:08 AM on November 17, 2010

After publishing yesterday's story about TSMC possibly manufacturing AMD's 28-nm APUs Krishna and Wichita, an interesting e-mail appeared in our inbox. The e-mail was...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics

'GeForce GTX 570' could arrive in December
— 4:00 PM on November 16, 2010

Nvidia may not be done for the year just yet. According to a story at VR-Zone, which quotes an anonymous source, Nvidia's partners are...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

Report: TSMC will manufacture 28-nm Zacate successor
— 3:29 PM on November 16, 2010

Despite GlobalFoundries expanding into bulk silicon manufacturing, TSMC may not stop getting love from AMD anytime soon. According to a story by CENS Taiwan Economic...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics

Nvidia quietly releases GeForce GTX 460 SE into the wild
— 9:20 AM on November 16, 2010

Nvidia has added a new graphics card to its mid-range lineup: the GeForce GTX 460 SE. This card is positioned as an alternative—and perhaps an...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

AMD's Brazos platform: The benchmarks
— 11:00 PM on November 15, 2010

The moratorium on Zacate benchmarks has finally lifted. Come see how AMD's first accelerated processing unit fares throughout our mobile test suite.

Type: Feature article Tags: CPUs Graphics

Imminent Gran Turismo launch makes PC driving games that much more depressing
— 2:10 PM on November 15, 2010

After one pay-to-play demo, numerous delays, and years of waiting, Gran Turismo 5 finally has a release date for the PlayStation 3. You'll be...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming Game consoles

— 1:22 PM on November 15, 2010

Wow. Although we've had lots of coverage of new CPU architectures this year, I just realized this morning that we haven't had a proper,...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics The Tech Report

DDR3 prices are on the way down
— 9:05 AM on November 15, 2010

Memory makers can't seem to catch a break. The short reprieve from rock-bottom memory prices they enjoyed throughout this year is coming to an end....

Type: News story Tags: Memory

Asus details Sandy Bridge motherboard lineup
— 11:49 PM on November 14, 2010

Early last week I had a look at Asus' 6-series motherboards. Keep reading to see what the world's biggest mobo maker has in store...

Type: Feature article Tags: Motherboards Chipsets

Cayman GPUs might not debut until mid-December
— 4:09 PM on November 12, 2010

Looking to grab a new graphics card from the Radeon HD 6900 series? You may still be able to get one in time for the...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

Nvidia reports a profit for last quarter
— 1:57 PM on November 12, 2010

Good news for Nvidia shareholders: the company seems to have bounced back from its none-too-pleasing second quarter, posting an $84.9-million net profit for its...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

Radeon HD 6850, 6870 prices climb skyward
— 5:20 PM on November 11, 2010

About two and a half weeks have passed since AMD unveiled its Radeon HD 6850 and 6870 graphics cards. The new GPUs are formidable...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

Morphological AA for Radeon HD 5000 series coming soon
— 3:28 PM on November 11, 2010

The morphological AA feature introduced with AMD's Radeon HD 6800-series graphics cards is an intriguing way of adding anti-aliasing to the unfortunate torrent of...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

New Xbox 360 wireless controller hits shelves today
— 6:44 PM on November 10, 2010

Are you tired of being out of shape? Think it might be time to cut way back on your Xbox 360 play, get off that...

Type: News story Tags: Game consoles

AMD unveils 2011 GPU roadmap
— 2:45 PM on November 10, 2010

In addition to the extensive CPU and APU information released yesterday, AMD also found the time to talk graphics at yesterday's Financial Analyst Day....

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

AMD begins shipping Brazos, announces Bulldozer-based APUs
— 4:58 PM on November 9, 2010

Hot on the heels of that Brazos hands-on demo we were treated to last week, AMD shared some fresh, juicy details about its upcoming...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics