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Microsoft to kick Steam rivalry up a notch
— 5:23 PM on October 22, 2010

Some of us were a little surprised to see Microsoft open a digital distribution service for games last December, and today, the Games on...

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Latest 3DMark 11 trailer shows tessellated jungle
— 11:56 AM on October 20, 2010

Futuremark is still working away on the next version of 3DMark, and it's released another video trailer to tease the project. The trailer, entitled...

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The Force Unleashed 2, CoD: Black Ops call for puny hardware
— 6:00 AM on October 20, 2010

Taking a gander at system requirements for games is always fun. Not only does it tell us whether to upgrade for a new release, but...

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Friday night topic: Which games have you been playing the most?
— 5:20 PM on October 15, 2010

Earlier this week, we asked about your most anticipated PC game of this holiday season. Today, we're curious about what you've been playing...

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An evening with OnLive's cloud gaming service
— 12:58 AM on October 15, 2010

You've heard about the cloud, right? No, not the one that's spitting a pitter-patter of raindrops onto the roof of my home office. ...

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Gearbox gives blessing to Duke Nukem remake
— 10:41 AM on October 14, 2010

Usually, when a team of enterprising modders gets together to remake an old classic using a new game engine, lawyers intervene and the project meets...

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Poll: Your most anticipated PC game
— 12:17 PM on October 13, 2010

Each holiday season, a torrent of new PC games floods the market. This year is no different, although publishers seem to be spacing things...

Poll Question: • Most anticipated PC game?

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Medal of Honor single-player campaign deemed a little too cinematic
— 12:42 PM on October 12, 2010

As the trailer embedded below nicely illustrates, the latest Medal of Honor game is very much designed to be a cinematic experience. The Call...

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Report: Microsoft to close Massive in-game advertising firm
— 11:30 AM on October 11, 2010

Mediaweek is reporting that Microsoft is shutting down Massive Inc, an in-game advertising firm it picked up back in 2006. The acquisition is...

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Gearbox's Pitchford chimes in on Duke Forever pre-orders
— 6:00 AM on October 8, 2010

With Gearbox gearing up to release Duke Nukem Forever next year, you can bet that some Duke fans are going to dig up their old...

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OnLive now offers cloud gaming with no monthly fee
— 2:02 PM on October 6, 2010

Early reviews of OnLive might not have been all that encouraging, but who can say no to a free-to-try service? Company founder and CEO...

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Borderlands GOTY buyers to get first dibs on Duke Forever demo
— 5:04 PM on October 5, 2010

With Duke Nukem Forever now in the hands of a capable, sanely run game studio, fans are facing the very real possibility of getting to...

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Medal of Honor PC beta opens until October 7
— 11:05 AM on October 4, 2010

If you'd like to get a taste of the new Medal of Honor before the full game comes out a week from Tuesday, now's your...

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— 10:27 AM on October 4, 2010

I've admitted before that I'm a serial non-finisher of video games. I may have played 25-75% of the way into the latest game, but...

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Trailer released for free Left 4 Dead expansion
— 11:06 AM on October 1, 2010

A new chapter in Valve's Left 4 Dead series is less than a week away. Due October 5, The Sacrifice will be available to...

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Zombies stagger into several new games
— 2:19 PM on September 30, 2010

Zombies have an undying hunger for braaains... and appearances in video games. Western sandbox Red Dead Redemption will become the latest title to

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Deal of the week: Something for everybody
— 5:13 PM on September 24, 2010

We've got a little bit of everything in today's deal post—enough to satisfy gamers, storage buffs, folks building power-hungry PCs, and Canadian laptop shoppers. Let's start...

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Microsoft: We need to 'lead the way' with PC gaming
— 9:32 AM on September 24, 2010

Isn't damage control fun? On the heels of Kudo Tsunoda's unfortunate statements regarding PC shooters, another executive, Microsoft Game Studios General Manager Dave Luehmann,...

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