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Corsair launches 2250MHz DDR3 memory module
— 9:12 AM on December 3, 2009

Memory prices may have gone up quite dramatically in recent weeks, but apparently, that hasn't stopped the release of premium, high-performance DDR3 RAM. Earlier this...

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iSuppli: AMD is back in the semiconductor top 10
— 3:44 PM on November 24, 2009

AMD is back in the saddle. After dropping out of the top-10 semiconductor supplier rankings and slipping into 12th place last year, AMD will...

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iSuppli: DDR3 to become dominant by next June
— 6:00 AM on November 23, 2009

DDR3 could be just months away from unseating DDR2 as the leading system memory type for PCs. In its latest report, iSuppli says it...

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Report: RAM might get cheaper next month
— 9:52 AM on November 18, 2009

Memory prices have sure swelled up over the past couple of months. In September, 4GB DDR2-800 kits were selling for as little as 40...

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Core i7-900 users get 12GB DDR3-1600 kit, thanks to Kingston
— 12:21 PM on November 16, 2009

With the release of its LGA1156 Core i5 and i7-800 processors, Intel has clearly relegated the Core i7-900 series to the high end. So,...

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Intel, Numonyx announce phase-change memory breakthrough
— 11:59 AM on October 28, 2009

Get ready to say goodbye to system RAM and flash-based solid-state drives... eventually. After several years of joint research, Intel and Numonyx, the chipmaker's former...

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iSuppli: The semiconductor industry is starting to recover
— 4:29 PM on October 27, 2009

The semiconductor industry is on the path to recovery, but it may take another year or two before revenue reaches pre-recession levels. So says iSuppli,...

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Windows 7 optimism could bring down hardware prices
— 6:00 AM on October 19, 2009

Could PC makers have stocked up on too much hardware because of the optimism surrounding Windows 7, in turn paving the way for a decline...

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DDR2 prices climb above DDR3
— 9:49 AM on October 9, 2009

Have DDR2 and DDR3 prices finally reached parity? Maybe not in stores just yet, but as DigiTimes reports, the latest numbers from DRAMeXchange show DDR2...

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Memory market may be recovering at last
— 3:01 PM on October 6, 2009

The memory industry has been through a pretty rough patch these past two years. Prices started going into a downward spiral in 2007, and last...

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Kingston adds speedy 8GB kits for Lynnfield
— 2:12 PM on September 23, 2009

Last month, Kingston was one of the first memory vendors to announce 4GB DDR3 memory kits for Intel's new Core i5 and i7-800 processors....

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Intel demos first working 22-nm silicon
— 12:48 PM on September 22, 2009

The tick-tock development cycle is in full swing at Intel. As the chipmaker readies shipments of 32-nm microprocessors and develops its next-gen, 32-nm Sandy Bridge...

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Rambus, Kingston to demo threaded DDR3 RAM
— 3:14 PM on September 21, 2009

Aside from the odd nugget of news about its lawsuits against memory makers, we don't hear Rambus' name too much. The company's latest announcement...

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DDR3, DDR2 could hit price parity soon
— 12:04 PM on September 2, 2009

When Intel's Lynnfield processors roll out later this month, more folks will be forced to scrap their old memory and buy DDR3 if they wish...

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Corsair announces Lynnfield-bound DDR3 kits
— 5:08 PM on August 21, 2009

Intel's next-gen Lynnfield processors are already trickling out into the wild, so why shouldn't memory makers all rush in to announce their matching products?...

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Kingston preps Lynnfield-bound DDR3 kits for September
— 12:04 PM on August 4, 2009

What's this, more DDR3 dual-channel memory kits? Yes, but with a twist. The new HyperX bundles Kingston announced earlier this morning are rated for...

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Corsair launches super-high-end DDR3 kit for Phenoms
— 12:48 PM on July 29, 2009

If you build an AMD system these days, budget parts are likely foremost on your mind. Nevertheless, Corsair has announced a new high-end DDR3 memory...

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40nm DDR3 memory chips hit production at Samsung
— 9:32 AM on July 22, 2009

Cheaper and faster DDR3 RAM may be just around the corner. Samsung says it has started mass-producing a new 2Gb DDR3 memory chip based on...

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