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HP's webOS slate to launch by the end of October
— 6:00 AM on May 24, 2010

Since announcing its acquisition of Palm late last month, HP has made its plans to introduce webOS-powered slates quite clear. Now, thanks...

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Google TV has Intel inside
— 9:06 AM on May 21, 2010

In its blog post about the new Google TV platform yesterday, Google neglected to mention one key ingredient. According to CNet News' Nanotech blog,...

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8.9'' Tegra tablet caught on video
— 6:00 AM on May 21, 2010

We'll no doubt be hearing more about Nvidia Tegra-powered slates at Computex early next month. However, the folks at Netbooknews got an early taste...

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iPads are now selling quicker than Macs, analyst says
— 4:59 PM on May 20, 2010

Despite the somewhat mixed reception to its January 27 launch, Apple's iPad appears to be doing better and better commercially. An analyst note quoted...

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HP: We'll put webOS in slates, printers
— 8:53 AM on May 19, 2010

Soon after HP announced its acquisition of Palm, executives from the two companies went on record naming slate devices as possible candidates for...

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Another iPhone 4G prototype escapes into the wild
— 12:57 PM on May 12, 2010

Barely two weeks after a Gizmodo editor snagged a fourth-gen iPhone prototype (and subsequently saw his home raided by police), Engadget reports that...

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Apple to be hit with antitrust probe
— 6:00 AM on May 5, 2010

How the tables have turned. Once the struggling underdog, Apple has now become big and mean enough to catch the eye of antitrust regulators in...

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Asus plans Eee Pad variant with Atom, Windows 7
— 9:41 AM on May 3, 2010

We might see two different breeds of slate device in Asus' booth at Computex next month. There's the Eee Pad we've been hearing about for...

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HP said to have scrapped Windows 7 slate
— 10:57 AM on April 30, 2010

Yesterday, we talked about HP's plans for slates and other devices running the newly acquired Palm webOS platform. What we didn't know is that,...

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HP sees webOS on phones, slates, maybe netbooks
— 12:33 PM on April 29, 2010

When HP revealed plans to buy Palm yesterday, we speculated that the merger could result in an HP slate running Palm's webOS platform. The...

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HP to acquire Palm for $1.2 billion
— 3:59 PM on April 28, 2010

HP has announced plans to purchase Palm for a cool $1.2 billion.  Few additional details...

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Police raid editor's home in iPhone leak fallout
— 11:10 AM on April 27, 2010

Remember how Gizmodo recently came into possession of a fourth-generation iPhone prototype misplaced by an Apple engineer? Although some onlookers initially suspected a deliberate...

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Eee Pad launches in June, may hit stores in late July
— 1:36 PM on April 23, 2010

Asus executive Eric Chen made it official in January: Asus is cooking up a slate device called the Eee Pad. The folks over at...

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Could Apple acquire ARM?
— 4:12 PM on April 22, 2010

Apple quietly brought mobile chip development in-house over two years ago, culminating with the release of the Apple A4 system-on-a-chip inside the iPad....

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3G-enabled iPad to arrive on April 30
— 9:35 AM on April 20, 2010

Despite postponing the iPad's international launch, Apple will honor its promise to release 3G-enabled versions of the device this month. The Mac maker has officially...

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Gadget blog snags next-gen iPhone prototype
— 3:45 PM on April 19, 2010

Usually, the best gadget blogs can hope for in the weeks and months leading up to an Apple product launch are blurry photos of dubious...

Type: News story Tags: Personal tech

International iPad launch pushed back to May 10
— 6:00 AM on April 15, 2010

Folks who were hoping to grab an iPad outside the United States late this month will have to bide their time a little longer....

Type: News story Tags: Mac Personal tech

Intel teases next embedded Atom
— 9:43 AM on April 14, 2010

At the Spring Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, China earlier today, Intel took a moment to tease an upcoming Atom system-on-a-chip designed specifically for...

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