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Google slate said to support stylus- and finger-based input
— 10:59 AM on August 25, 2010

Whether in smartphones, slates, convertible tablets, all-in-one desktops, or even your coffee table, you'll probably see a lot more of touchscreens in the coming years....

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Toshiba 'SmartPad' slate pictured, detailed
— 6:00 AM on August 24, 2010

Add Toshiba to the list of challengers hoping to dethrone the iPad. Notebook Italia has posted pictures and details about an upcoming, Android-powered slate...

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10-inch ViewSonic slate to dual-boot Android, Windows
— 11:00 AM on August 23, 2010

Tablets are going to be big this year. At least, so hopes Best Buy, which will be making slates a focus this holiday season,...

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HP shows its Win7 slate some love (for today, anyway)
— 3:49 PM on August 20, 2010

In case you missed the first 20,000 articles chronicling the rise and fall? of HP's Windows 7 slate, here is the latest skinny. According to...

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A Google Chrome OS slate could launch on Black Friday
— 2:21 PM on August 18, 2010

If we're to believe the rumor mill, a Google-branded, Chrome OS-powered slate device will venture forth onto store shelves this coming Black Friday—that's November 26,...

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Android-powered 10-inch Eee Pad won't be out until next March
— 4:00 PM on August 13, 2010

Rumors do miss the mark sometimes. Take that story about Asus ditching Windows Embedded Compact 7 for its 10" Eee Pad. PC World has...

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My iPhone 4 is awesome
— 7:58 PM on August 12, 2010

Well, I finally did it. After misguidedly buying what turned out to be a sub-par iPhone clone in 2008, then waiting almost five months...

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Rumor: HP's webOS slate will be out in early 2011
— 6:00 AM on August 11, 2010

HP seems to have hit kind of a rough patch, with both CEO Mark Hurd and Palm Pre designer Peter Skillman departing over the span...

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Pre designer Peter Skillman leaves Palm
— 6:00 AM on August 10, 2010

In the wake of HP CEO Mark Hurd's unexpected resignation, the company has been hit with another high-profile departure. TechCrunch has confirmed...

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Analyst: Faster CPU coming to two new iPads in 2011
— 1:28 PM on August 9, 2010

Ever notice how Apple updates its devices about once a year? That's no accident. Back in 2006, Steve Jobs famously said he expected consumers...

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Android became best-selling smartphone OS last quarter
— 10:59 AM on August 4, 2010

Well, that didn't take long. The NPD Group reports that Google's Android OS outnumbered all other smartphone operating systems on devices sold in...

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Apple is the third-biggest notebook vendor... if you count the iPad
— 6:00 AM on August 3, 2010

Should slate devices be counted as notebooks in market share calculations? The debate might have to wait until slates are more ubiquitous, but as Fortune...

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Macallan UI brings multi-touch goodness to Windows
— 10:55 AM on August 2, 2010

Windows 7's user interface works great with a mouse. However, it's hardly tailored for the multi-touch gestures set to dominate input for next wave...

Type: News story Tags: Operating systems Personal tech

Report: PC vendors to focus on ARM slates
— 9:29 AM on August 2, 2010

Intel's "mobile Internet device" concept from a few years back might not really have gone anywhere, but slates are a chance for Atom processors to...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Personal tech

Upcoming tablets compare screen sizes
— 4:43 PM on July 30, 2010

Slowly but surely, we're learning more about the coming wave of tablets set to take on the iPad. A Reuters report has confirmed...

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Wading into the smartphone world with a Palm Pre
— 11:37 PM on July 29, 2010

I severed my last land line about a decade ago, so I probably count as a reasonably early cell-phone adopter. Was I driven by a...

Type: Blog post Tags: Personal tech

New Kindle starts at just $139 with Wi-Fi only
— 6:00 AM on July 29, 2010

The iPad might already have a wider installed base than the Kindle, but Amazon isn't giving up. Quite the contrary; the firm has...

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$150 Android tablet pops up in Kmart flyer
— 11:19 AM on July 28, 2010

Attention Kmart shoppers: Blue Light Special in aisle nine. We have a 7" Android-based tablet for only $150. No, seriously. Kmart flyers...

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