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Deal of the week: Two terabytes for $99.99 shipped
— 3:28 PM on July 30, 2010

Yes, we already wrote up a deal post earlier this week, but is having too many deals really a crime? Today, we see Newegg is...

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Launch roundup: New storage devices, wireless docks, and more
— 4:53 PM on July 29, 2010

We have news from Dell, Source R&D, Super Talent, Toshiba, and NZXT this week. Behold! New enhancements to Dell Precision portfolio...

Type: News story Tags: Cases Storage Systems Input devices

Early deal of the week: A 60GB SandForce drive for $135 after rebate
— 1:17 PM on July 28, 2010

We interrupt our normal schedule to bring you an early deal-of-the-week post with a today-only special. Newegg is currently selling OCZ's 60GB Vertex 2 solid-state...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

7,200-RPM terabytes from Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, and WD face off
— 10:04 PM on July 27, 2010

Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, and WD all have two-platter terabytes spinning at 7,200 RPM. We've rounded up all four to find the sweet spot...

Type: Feature article Tags: Storage

Launch roundup: New PSUs and hot server gear
— 2:41 PM on July 23, 2010

Our inbox hasn't collected too many announcements about new and exciting products this week, but we still have news from Scythe and server gear maker...

Type: News story Tags: Power Storage

Another three SSDs join the Corsair Force family
— 9:31 AM on July 21, 2010

Corsair just keeps enlarging its Force solid-state drive family. After adding 60, 120, and 240GB drives to the 100 and 200GB offerings in May,...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Latest 1TB, 2.5'' hard drive hails from Samsung
— 11:49 AM on July 20, 2010

Okay, so Samsung is hardly the first company with a 1TB, 333GB-per-platter mobile drive. A little extra competition never hurt anyone, though. Samsung says that...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Deal of the week: Sub-$60 terabytes and a cheap Corsair PSU
— 3:58 PM on July 16, 2010

All that Apple news aside, we've caught wind of a 78-hour Newegg sale that's running until July 18, and there are some nice deals...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Three layers combine for 100GB in XL Blu-ray disc
— 11:49 AM on July 16, 2010

Writable Blu-ray media just got a little bigger. Sharp has announced the world's first triple-layer Blu-ray disc to offer an even 100GB of...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Launch roundup: Overclocking tools, 3D notebooks, and more
— 5:22 PM on July 15, 2010

In this week's roundup, we have announcements from Gigabyte, iBuypower, Lian Li, OCZ, and Thermaltake: Gigabyte launches Cloud OC and Hotkey...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Cases Storage Memory Mobile computing

Getting to grips with thumb drive encryption
— 8:40 PM on July 14, 2010

Join us in welcoming Matt Trinca, the newest addition to TR's roster of bloggers. I recently found myself in the market for a new thumb drive....

Type: Blog post Tags: Storage

The great upgrade: Tales from the ancient past
— 10:51 AM on July 14, 2010

Our current contest challenges readers to relate their first PC upgrade experiences for a chance to win a copy...

Type: Blog post Tags: CPUs Graphics Motherboards Storage

Crucial whips up SSD upgrade kits
— 6:00 AM on July 14, 2010

Tossing a solid-state drive into your notebook is easy enough, but transferring your operating system and Twilight fan-site bookmarks can be less straightforward. We've

Type: News story Tags: Storage

XtremeKey thumb drive blends style with durability
— 3:33 PM on July 13, 2010

USB thumb drives are a dime a dozen these days. Actually, I think they might be down to a nickel. We don't often...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Today's solid-state drives: The value perspective
— 5:16 PM on July 6, 2010

Are SSDs worth the extra scratch versus hard drives? Which one is the best value? Our scatter plots have returned to tackle the

Type: Feature article Tags: Storage

Deal of the week: It's raining coupons, halellujah!
— 1:08 PM on July 1, 2010

Newegg has kicked off Fourth of July celebrations a little early this year, e-mailing us a cornucopia of coupon codes that can shrink prices...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Multimedia Cases Storage Input devices Gaming Networking

Poll: Does your primary portable have an optical drive?
— 1:48 PM on June 30, 2010

This week's poll comes to us courtesy of TR reader Ben, who wonders just how many folks have an optical drive in their primary portable...

Poll Question: • Does your primary portable have an optical drive?

Type: News story Tags: Storage Mobile computing

World's first 3TB hard drive arrives... in USB 2.0 enclosure
— 10:38 AM on June 29, 2010

Roughly 16 months have passed since the market got its first taste of two-terabyte hard drives. So much for Kryder's Law, which predicted...

Type: News story Tags: Storage