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— 1:55 PM on May 18, 2010

Hey, all. This is a strange time of the year, with lots of graduations and transitions from school schedules to summer ones. If...

Type: News story Tags: The Tech Report

Acer denies imminent Chrome OS netbook launch
— 6:00 AM on May 18, 2010

We may not see a Chrome OS-powered Acer netbook at Computex next month, after all. Shooting down recent whispers from the rumor mill, Engadget...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Linux-Unix

Work at TR! Summer interns wanted
— 11:17 AM on May 17, 2010

If you're a college-age person in the Kansas City, Missouri or Vancouver, B.C. areas who would like to get some experience in our strange little...

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Whoa... new look
— 3:08 PM on May 15, 2010

Yep, we've updated the layout of the front page of the site. Although our old layout did a good job of presenting a lot...

Type: News story Tags: The Tech Report

— 3:34 PM on May 14, 2010

After kicking around some ideas for a while, we are just about ready to unleash a new and improved version of the TR front page...

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Acer to reveal shiny Chrome OS products next month
— 8:59 AM on May 14, 2010

When Google unveiled Chrome OS last year, it said the stripped-down, Linux-based netbook operating system would become available in the second half of 2010....

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Operating systems Linux-Unix

— 3:11 PM on May 6, 2010

I am an idiot. I've spent an inordinate amount of time regaling you all with stories of my attempts to hammer my Samsung NC20...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing The Tech Report

Ubuntu 10.04 brings new user interface
— 5:02 PM on April 29, 2010

About every six months, Canonical comes out with a new version of its hugely popular Linux distribution. Ubuntu 10.04 is now available for download...

Type: News story Tags: Linux-Unix

— 11:54 AM on April 28, 2010

I hope you guys enjoy the Phenom II X6 review. I was in Austin and Houston last week getting briefed on several interesting...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Mobile computing The Tech Report

Steam might be headed to Linux, as well
— 5:12 PM on April 23, 2010

We already know Valve intends to provide a version of its Steam software, not to mention ports of its entire game catalog, to Mac...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming Linux-Unix

— 10:36 AM on April 21, 2010

Apologies for the server issues this morning. Fortunately, Jason, our new sysadmin, got us back up and running. He's working through a few...

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Xeon 5600 series brings six-core chips to 2P systems
— 2:00 AM on March 16, 2010

Intel's gradual roll-out of 32-nm microprocessors has already paid dividends on the desktop, and...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Servers Workstations

— 10:10 AM on March 11, 2010

Well, news today may be a little bit slow. Cyril is knee-deep in an important mission that will soon pay big dividends for us...

Type: News story Tags: The Tech Report

— 1:14 PM on March 10, 2010

Some of you guys have asked us to comment on the controversy first started at Ars Technica about Why ad blocking is devastating to...

Type: News story Tags: The Tech Report

— 4:04 PM on February 18, 2010

Well, I guess that CPU article worked out pretty well, even though it took quite a while to put together. Yesterday was easily...

Type: News story Tags: The Tech Report

— 3:36 PM on February 3, 2010

If you haven't heard Jordan's latest creation, the documentary-style CES "experience" podcast, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. Very...

Type: News story Tags: The Tech Report

— 10:35 AM on February 1, 2010

Morning, all. What may seem like a lazy Monday around here at first glance is anything but. Although it's running a bit late,...

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Oracle completes Sun buyout
— 10:28 AM on January 27, 2010

Well, that's it—Sun Microsystems is no more. As the Associated Press reports, Oracle has completed its acquisition of the software and server maker, taking...

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