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Western Digital's Scorpio Black 750GB notebook hard drive
— 3:16 PM on January 20, 2011

When we rounded up 7,200-RPM notebook drives last month, Western Digital's Scorpio Black 500GB was our clear favorite. Today, we explore whether a...

Type: Feature article Tags: Storage Mobile computing

WD outships Seagate as hard drive prices remain low
— 9:22 AM on January 20, 2011

The numbers are in, and according to PC Magazine, Western Digital shipped more hard drives than its rival Seagate in the fourth quarter of...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

National Cheese Lover's Day Shortbread
— 2:56 AM on January 20, 2011

Eight is Enough Acer: We are "NOT phasing out netbooks in favor of tablets" - DailyTech Coolpc has Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Nintendo 3DS priced at $250, available in March
— 11:14 AM on January 19, 2011

To say that Nintendo's handheld gaming consoles have been popular would be a huge understatement. According to Wikipedia's tabulation of worldwide console sales,...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming Game consoles

Tin Can Day Shortbread
— 2:55 AM on January 19, 2011

Eight is Enough AppleInsider: Apple profits surge 77% on record sales of 4.1M Macs, 16.2M iPhones, 7.3M iPads TechFlash: Apple is world's...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

New SAS models added to WD's enterprise lineup
— 11:23 AM on January 18, 2011

Western Digital has expanded its line of enterprise-class Serial Attached SCSI hard drives. The 2.5" S25, better known to enthusiasts as a sled-less...

Type: News story Tags: Storage Servers Workstations

Thesaurus Day Shortbread
— 4:54 AM on January 18, 2011

7 Up techPowerUp!: Socket pin burnout returns to haunt LGA1155? Donanim Haber: AMD quad-core Fusion Llano faster than Core i3-540 (in Turkish) Fudzilla:...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

MLK Jr. Day Shortbread
— 4:27 AM on January 17, 2011

7 Up Intel: We will conquer ARM with advanced process technology, lower costs - X-bit labs VR-Zone: Microsoft backtracks on earlier statements,...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Appreciate a Dragon Day Shortbread
— 4:18 PM on January 16, 2011

The Starting Five Mac Rumors: iPad 2 likely to have 2048x1536 resolution SmartMoney: Why Apple's best days may be over Bloomberg: hp

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National Strawberry Ice Cream Day Shortbread
— 5:26 AM on January 15, 2011

Eight is Enough DailyTech: Leak from Microsoft Russia indicates Windows 7 SP1 could air Saturday; see Microsoft's blog post here (in Russian)

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

A quick look at chipset PCI Express performance
— 10:23 AM on January 14, 2011

Finally, Intel has a mid-range chipset with proper PCIe 2.0 lanes. We test the P67's PCIe implementation to see how it stacks up.

Type: Feature article Tags: Motherboards Chipsets

National Organize Your Home Day Shortbread
— 2:58 AM on January 14, 2011

Eight is Enough C|Net reports Intel earnings zoom up 48% AMD: 8-core Bulldozer CPU is 50% faster than Core i7-950 - Donanim...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Thursday Shortbread
— 12:33 AM on January 13, 2011

Eight is Enough WSJ: AMD's board clashed with CEO over (lack of mobile) strategy X-bit labs: JEDEC to standardize "sub-standard" solid-state drives Bye-bye,...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

OCZ drops out of memory business to focus on SSDs
— 12:00 PM on January 12, 2011

So, that's why OCZ didn't have much in the way of new memory modules on display at CES this year. According to PC Perspective,...

Type: News story Tags: Power Storage Memory Servers Workstations

Wednesday Shortbread
— 12:00 AM on January 12, 2011

Eight is Enough AnandTech on what might be next for AMD after Dirk Meyer's resignation X-bit labs: No financial scandal involved in...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Next-gen SandForce SSD controller shown in OCZ Vertex 3
— 11:19 AM on January 11, 2011

Just a few years ago, OCZ's CES showcase was dominated by memory modules. Row upon row of DIMMs were on display, each with a...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

MSI offers sneak peek at Bulldozer 'Big Bang' mobo
— 11:00 AM on January 11, 2011

AMD may not have have much of a response to Sandy Bridge right now, but the situation will change later this year. The presence of...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards

Motherboard makers flaunt their Brazos goodies
— 9:36 AM on January 11, 2011

In addition to Brazos-based notebooks, this year's CES exhibits included a number of small-form-factor Brazos motherboards—most of them ripe for use in home-theater PCs and...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards