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Release roundup: Motherboards and mobile graphics
— 5:22 PM on April 7, 2011

This week in our look at miscellaneous product introductions, we've got news from Eurocom, Gigabyte, and Tyan: Eurocom launches MXM 3.0...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Motherboards Mobile computing

TR's Spring 2011 system guide
— 11:53 AM on April 7, 2011

For months, we've held back on a full update to our system guide while waiting for B3-revision Sandy Bridge motherboards. They've arrived, and so...

Type: Feature article Tags: Systems

Commodore 64 comeback priced, dated
— 11:27 AM on April 7, 2011

The Commodore 64 is set to make a comeback. Seriously. Engadget is reporting that Commodore USA has started taking pre-orders for a...

Type: News story Tags: Systems

Some MSI mobos will support Bulldozer, too
— 9:32 AM on April 5, 2011

The list of current AMD motherboards that will accommodate Bulldozer-based processors later this year has just grown a little bit. MSI has revealed that...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards

Intel licenses Lucid's Virtu software for Sandy Bridge mobos
— 9:53 AM on April 1, 2011

Intel motherboards tend to be shunned by enthusiasts, but select models based on H67 and upcoming Z68 chipsets will look a little more appealing thanks...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Software

Report: SLI support coming to AMD's 990-series chipsets
— 11:16 AM on March 31, 2011

Remember when running a couple of GeForces in SLI mode required the use of an Nvidia nForce chipset? Things may have changed in the Intel...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Chipsets

Gigabyte tool helps 32-bit OSes with 3TB drives
— 6:00 AM on March 30, 2011

It could happen to the best of us. We might just snag the latest 3TB hard drive from Hitachi, Seagate, or Western...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Storage

Release roundup: Case news, Sandy gaming laptops, and more
— 4:15 PM on March 24, 2011

This week on the roundup, we've got a couple of case-related announcements from Corsair and NZXT, plus a new Biostar motherboard and some iBuypower laptops...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Cases Mobile computing

TR's second hardware survey: the results are in
— 11:20 AM on March 24, 2011

Two weeks after the creation of our second hardware survey, it's time to crack open the ballot box and see what's inside. We've tallied...

Type: News story Tags: Systems The Tech Report

Asus AM3 boards gain Bulldozer support
— 12:37 PM on March 17, 2011

If you stuck by AMD's side during the great Intel onslaught of 2010, when Core i7 processors savagely beat their Phenom II rivals, you might...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Motherboards

PLX bridges gap between USB 3.0 and PCIe 2.0
— 9:56 AM on March 15, 2011

Add PLX to the growing list of companies developing USB 3.0 hardware. The company is bringing its expertise in bridge chips to the SuperSpeed...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards

Deal of the week: Sandy Bridge is back
— 5:21 PM on March 11, 2011

Intel's Sandy Bridge processors were great deals when they came out in January, and they're still great deals today—it's just that accompanying motherboards have been...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Motherboards

IHS iSuppli: iPad helped Dell's market share last quarter
— 6:00 AM on March 11, 2011

Here's some interesting analysis from the folks at IHS iSuppli. After compiling PC shipment numbers for the fourth quarter of last year, they've observed that...

Type: News story Tags: Systems

Release roundup: SSDs, memory, and Sandy Bridge boards
— 5:05 PM on March 10, 2011

This week's release roundup isn't as intense as the last one, but our inbox has still accumulated a few announcements. Let's kick things off with...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Storage Memory

HP CEO wants WebOS on every HP computer
— 9:26 AM on March 9, 2011

WebOS has some exciting times ahead of it. Born out of Palm's aspirations to compete with the iPhone, the operating system is now slated to...

Type: News story Tags: Systems Operating systems

Gigabyte's Fusion-infused GA-E350N-USB3 motherboard
— 12:07 AM on March 7, 2011

We take a closer look at a Fusion-equipped Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 Mini-ITX motherboard to see if it delivers on Zacate's potential for small-form-factor desktops and home-theater...

Type: Feature article Tags: CPUs Motherboards

Release roundup: Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, and LGA1366 gear
— 1:46 PM on March 4, 2011

This week's release roundup is a doozy, with noteworthy announcements from Bigfoot Networks, Corsair, Gigabyte, Kingston, and Transcend. We've got an upgrade to Corsair's Obsidian...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Storage Memory Networking

B3 Sandy Bridge mobos start showing up at Newegg
— 9:41 AM on March 4, 2011

Sandy Bridge motherboards are back at last—well, some of them are, at least. Both Asus and Gigabyte publicly announced the resumption of Sandy...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards