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New Folding@Home GPU client is tuned for Fermi
— 9:01 AM on May 26, 2010

Folders, take note. Stanford University has released a beta Folding@Home GPU client specially tuned for Nvidia's Fermi architecture, which should be good news to...

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What's the optimal Folding client combo?
— 11:19 AM on August 14, 2008

Team TR's Folding production has been moving upward since our recent call to arms, I'm happy to report. But, I must sheepishly admit...

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Team TR Folding@home: A call to arms
— 11:52 AM on August 6, 2008

As you may or may not know, the TR community contributes quite a bit to Stanford University's Folding@home project. Using spare processor (and graphics...

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Stanford releases beta Nvidia folding client
— 12:08 PM on June 20, 2008

At last, Stanford University has released a beta version of the GPU2 Folding@home client for Nvidia graphics cards. You can grab the client from...

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Folding GPU client is on the way for Nvidia cards
— 6:00 AM on May 23, 2008

Stanford University has been releasing GPU clients for AMD graphics cards for some time now, and there's even a GPU2 client in the works (the...

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New GPU folding client is available from Stanford
— 11:59 AM on April 10, 2008

Almost two years have passed since Stanford University kicked off its Folding@home GPU project. The initiative took Stanford's distributed computing project to ATI's Radeon...

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Next Folding@Home client to bring new user interface
— 6:00 AM on November 13, 2007

Stanford University has a few surprises up its sleeve for the next version of its distributed protein folding software, according to a post...

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Why aren't you folding for TR?
— 1:12 PM on April 15, 2002

It's unofficially Folding Day here at TR, but before we get into this week's poll, let's take a look at last week's results. ...

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