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Jaguar heads to servers aboard AMD's Opteron X-Series
— 10:49 AM on May 29, 2013

Only days after introducing its laptop-bound Kabini APUs, AMD has released a family of server chips based on the same architecture. Just like...

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Catalyst 13.6 beta drivers add Kabini, Richland support
— 9:05 AM on May 29, 2013

There's a new set of Catalyst graphics drivers available for download, and this time, it looks like AMD is aiming more at the recently...

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Enter here to win an XFX Pro Series 1000W PSU and AMD FX-8350 CPU
— 11:35 PM on May 28, 2013

Thanks to our sponsors, we'll be giving away a bunch of hardware over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled. For this...

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Former exec: AMD's Xbox One deal is worth ''$3+'' billion
— 9:00 AM on May 28, 2013

Last week, Microsoft confirmed that the next-gen Xbox is powered by a custom AMD APU. Now, a former AMD executive has given us an...

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AMD introduces low-power Richland APUs for slim notebooks
— 11:11 AM on May 24, 2013

Back in March, AMD introduced its mobile Richland APUs with a collection of 35W parts. The firm has now filled out the lineup...

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Fractal Design lists Haswell-compatible PSUs
— 11:02 AM on May 22, 2013

Intel's upcoming Haswell CPUs have a new sleep state that draws just 0.05A on the 12V rail—one tenth the idle draw of existing Ivy bridge...

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Intel dominates microprocessor revenue, AMD falls behind SoC makers
— 11:26 AM on May 21, 2013

The microprocessor market is changing, and so are the ways analysts measure it. For the first time, market research firm IC Insights has included...

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Otellini: Intel passed on the original iPhone
— 6:00 AM on May 17, 2013

Outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini had some interesting things to say in a...

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Seasonic lists Haswell-ready PSUs
— 6:00 AM on May 15, 2013

Add Seasonic to the list of PSU makers that have clarified their support for Intel's upcoming Haswell processor. The next-gen CPU's low-power sleep states...

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Now is the time to make your CPU benchmarking suggestions
— 9:38 AM on May 14, 2013

As you may have heard, there's a major CPU launch coming up soon. I've been meeting with folks, gathering new parts, and prepping my...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs The Tech Report

Leaked slides expose Haswell's integrated voltage regulator
— 11:18 AM on May 13, 2013

Intel is slowly but surely moving more platform components onto the processor. Over the years, the graphics, PCI Express, and memory controllers traditionally found...

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Zbox mini PCs get Ivy Bridge Core i3, i5 upgrades
— 10:18 AM on May 8, 2013

Zotac has beefed up its Zbox lineup with two new models based on Ivy Bridge processors. Until now, the company's most powerful mini PC...

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Intel board elects Brian Krzanich as new CEO
— 9:51 AM on May 2, 2013

Intel has named its new CEO. Current Chief Operating Officer Brian Krzanich...

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Intel dubs Haswell IGP 'Iris,' promises 2-3X performance increase
— 10:23 PM on May 1, 2013

So long, Intel HD Graphics! Well, kind of. At a press event earlier today, Intel revealed that the faster variants of Haswell's integrated GPU will...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics

AMD trims A-series, FX-series processor prices
— 9:17 AM on May 1, 2013

There's been a minor shakeup in AMD's processor lineup. Earlier this week, the company introduced slightly quicker successors to its FX-6300 and FX-4300 processors....

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Quad-core Temash APU spotted in 11.6-inch Acer notebook
— 11:00 AM on April 30, 2013

AMD's next-generation Temash SoC is coming soon, and one system based on the...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Mobile computing

Faster processors spruce up AMD FX lineup
— 6:00 AM on April 30, 2013

In a blog post on its website, AMD has revealed faster additions to its FX processor lineup—sorry, make that its "legendary" and "much beloved"...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs

AMD sheds light on Kaveri's uniform memory architecture
— 11:35 PM on April 29, 2013

At the Fusion Developer Summit last June, AMD CTO Mark Papermaster teased Kaveri, AMD's next-generation APU due later this year. Among other things, Papermaster...

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