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Rumor: Existing GPUs may power GeForce GTX 760 Ti, 770, 780
— 9:10 AM on May 6, 2013

Expecting a new generation of GPUs from Nvidia soon? Well, don't hold your breath. Fuad Abazovic over at Fudzilla says he's gleaned some details about...

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Release roundup: Mobo audio, bay adapters, and superclocked Titans
— 5:15 PM on May 2, 2013

This week in our look at miscellaneous tidbits and announcements, we bring you fresh news from ASRock, Cougar, Noctua, Scythe, and Zotac: ...

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AMD says frame pacing beta driver due in June/July timeframe
— 6:00 AM on May 2, 2013

Earlier this week, we showed you how microstuttering taints the appeal of AMD's latest Radeon HD 7990 graphics card. We also saw a...

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Intel dubs Haswell IGP 'Iris,' promises 2-3X performance increase
— 10:23 PM on May 1, 2013

So long, Intel HD Graphics! Well, kind of. At a press event earlier today, Intel revealed that the faster variants of Haswell's integrated GPU will...

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Radeon buyers may get Blood Dragon codes up to a week late
— 3:21 PM on April 30, 2013

Earlier this month, AMD added Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon to its Never Settle Reloaded game bundle. The addition is retroactive, which means that...

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Deal of the week: Graphics cards, IPS displays, and more
— 5:17 PM on April 26, 2013

This week's deal post is all about eye candy—or, rather, graphics cards and monitors. Some mid-range Radeons have gotten quite a bit cheaper since our

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PS4 architect discusses console's custom AMD processor
— 11:55 AM on April 26, 2013

Since February, we've known that Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 console will have a "supercharged PC architecture" based on a custom AMD processor with GCN-derived...

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New PhysX fluid simulation demos are impressive
— 4:52 PM on April 25, 2013

Games have included basic object physics for years, but real-time fluid simulations have remained elusive. Sure, we've seen some tech demos of tentative approaches,...

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AMD releases Catalyst 13.5 beta, 13.4 WHQL graphics drivers
— 4:38 PM on April 24, 2013

AMD has released two new sets of graphics drivers, both of which support the latest Radeon HD 7790 and Radeon HD 7990 graphics cards. The...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Software

— 10:59 AM on April 24, 2013

Hey, guys. This post is almost too painful to write, but yes, I am indeed working on a Radeon HD 7990 review. And...

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Haswell to have Intel-built embedded DRAM for graphics
— 5:30 PM on April 23, 2013

We've known for some time—through unofficial sources—that some of Intel's next-generation Haswell processors will have dedicated graphics memory on the CPU package. What we...

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GeForce 320.00 betas boost performance, add SLI profiles
— 1:18 PM on April 23, 2013

GeForce users, Nvidia has just posted an updated set of drivers for its desktop graphics cards. The 320.00 beta release is available now for

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Raja Koduri returns to lead AMD's Visual Computing group
— 10:53 PM on April 21, 2013

Rory Read and his new management team pretty much cleaned house after taking over at AMD. We've seen a striking number of big names...

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Deal of the week: A GTX 660 Ti for $255, an SSD for 69 cents/GB, and more
— 5:16 PM on April 19, 2013

Nvidia began bundling Metro: Last Light with higher-end GeForce graphics cards earlier this week. As luck would have it, Newegg has one of those...

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AMD beats revenue forecast, still posts a loss
— 6:00 AM on April 19, 2013

Hot on Intel's heels, AMD has posted its earnings for the first quarter of 2013. Although the underdog posted a net loss of...

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Nvidia bundles Metro: Last Light with GeForce GTX 660 and higher
— 9:10 AM on April 17, 2013

Looks like the rumor mill was spot on. The announcement hasn't hit...

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Sapphire doubles memory for hot-clocked Radeon HD 7790
— 6:00 AM on April 16, 2013

Just a few weeks after the release of AMD's Radeon HD 7790 graphics card, Sapphire has rolled out a second hot-clocked edition. The...

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Metro: Last Light may be bundled with GeForces
— 6:00 AM on April 15, 2013

So far this year, Nvidia's game bundling efforts have been a little lackluster....

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