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Deal of the week: Discounted storage and graphics, plus BioShock Infinite for $40
— 5:12 PM on June 21, 2013

Just about every one of our deals posts features some form of solid-state storage. This one is no different, but the drive in question...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Storage Gaming

ECS Mini-ITX motherboards feature Kabini APUs
— 11:21 AM on June 21, 2013

Almost a month has passed since the release of AMD's Kabini APUs. It's about time we saw some Mini-ITX motherboards featuring the new chips,...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Motherboards

Join us for TR BBQ X on August 17
— 11:06 AM on June 21, 2013

Yep, the date is set for this summer's most epic collection of cooked meats, lawn games, and fireworks. The 10th annual TR BBQ is coming...

Type: News story Tags: The Tech Report

OCZ's Vertex 450 solid-state drive reviewed
— 11:05 AM on June 21, 2013

OCZ's Vertex 450 SSD returns to the family's roots, combining an updated Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller with the latest 20-nm NAND. We explore how...

Type: Feature article Tags: Storage

Friday Shortbread
— 10:30 AM on June 21, 2013

Eight is Enough DigiTimes: GlobalFoundries on capacity expansion spree Reuters: Michael Dell urges shareholders to support his buyout bid CNBC: Oracle's cloud subscriptions...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

AMD-powered Vizio tablet now selling for $600
— 9:13 AM on June 21, 2013

Remember that AMD-based Vizio tablet revealed in January? We haven't heard much about the device since its unveiling, but it's finally shipping to...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing

Assassin's Creed IV footage highlights varied gameplay
— 6:00 AM on June 21, 2013

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is due this fall, and I'm kind of excited about it after seeing the latest gameplay footage. Check out...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming

Don't forget to enter to win an XFX Radeon HD 7790 and AMD FX-8350
— 2:17 PM on June 20, 2013

The clock is ticking on our latest giveaway. Early next week,...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics

Nvidia cuts Shield price to $299, plans June 27 release
— 10:37 AM on June 20, 2013

Last month, Nvidia announced that its Shield handheld gaming console would cost...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming Game consoles Personal tech

Toshiba's SSHD goes on a diet, squeezes into 7-mm case
— 9:11 AM on June 20, 2013

Toshiba has introduced a new hybrid drive targeting slim notebooks. The awkwardly named MQ01ABFH combines solid-state and mechanical storage in a 2.5" case measuring just...

Type: News story Tags: Storage Mobile computing

Thursday Shortbread
— 8:17 AM on June 20, 2013

7 Up WSJ: Microsoft, Nokia break off 'advanced' merger negotiations DigiTimes: Windows RT facing pressure from being isolated Engadget: Qualcomm grows Snapdragon...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Microsoft offers $100,000 bug bounty for Windows 8.1
— 6:00 AM on June 20, 2013

Want to make a stack of cash? All you have to do...

Type: News story Tags: Software Operating systems

Microsoft backtracks on Xbox One disc sharing, connection limitations
— 5:21 PM on June 19, 2013

Since E3, a vocal majority of Internet users has been hating on the Xbox One. The console was criticized for its Internet connection requirements and...

Type: News story Tags: Game consoles

Here's about 10 minutes of Thief gameplay
— 3:21 PM on June 19, 2013

So you've probably heard: they're making a new Thief game. I was skeptical about the whole thing, since Dishonored gave us something pretty...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming

LG says mass production of flexible displays will begin this year
— 11:25 AM on June 19, 2013

LG says it will start churning out flexible OLED displays this year. ...

Type: News story Tags: Displays Mobile computing Personal tech

Steam beta file hints at game sharing feature
— 9:10 AM on June 19, 2013

As the next-gen console war heats up, the Xbox One continues to get flak for the limitations it places upon game sharing. Of course, nobody...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming

Wednesday Shortbread
— 8:35 AM on June 19, 2013

Eight is Enough Reuters: Google challenges surveillance court on First Amendment grounds Bloomberg: hp's Whitman reassigns Bradley in revamp amid PC slump and...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Asus mulling wearable devices
— 6:00 AM on June 19, 2013

As pocketable computers become commonplace, device makers are turning their attention to the next big thing. Wearable devices seem to be in the future...

Type: News story Tags: Personal tech