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Release roundup: Computex edition
— 4:54 PM on June 7, 2013

We've already spent all week covering product releases from Computex, but... well, it's Computex. That means we still have plenty of fodder left for our...

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Intel shows Thunderbolt thumb drive at Computex
— 11:50 AM on June 6, 2013

Ah, now there's something we haven't seen before. According to the folks at PC World, Intel showed off what it called the "world's fastest...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Thursday Shortbread
— 9:04 AM on June 6, 2013

Eight is Enough DigiTimes: DIY market forced to adapt to changing PC market VR-Zone's coverage of Asus ROG press conference and MSI rolling...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

20Gbps Thunderbolt gets a name: Thunderbolt 2
— 9:07 AM on June 5, 2013

In April, we learned all about Intel's next-generation Thunderbolt controller, dubbed Falcon Ridge. This controller combines the dual 10Gbps channels of existing Thunderbolt implementations...

Type: News story Tags: Motherboards Storage Displays

SandForce improves SSD encryption, power management
— 8:01 PM on June 3, 2013

LSI's SandForce division doesn't have a new SSD controller to show off at the Computex trade show this year. It does, however, have a...

Type: News story Tags: Storage Mobile computing

SanDisk Extreme II SSD combines NAND storage, built-in flash cache
— 2:01 PM on June 3, 2013

We've seen SSDs used as standalone drives. We've also seen them employed as solid-state caches. Now, SanDisk has combined those two roles in...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Monday Shortbread
— 12:19 PM on June 3, 2013

The Pick 6 Bloomberg: Intel gains after FBR boosts rating on mobile chips and Microsoft said to cut Windows RT prices Reuters: ARM...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

WD introduces world's slimmest 1TB hard drive
— 11:10 AM on June 3, 2013

Mobile hard drives are slimming down to fit into the next generation of notebooks. We've already seen WD introduce several 500GB models that are...

Type: News story Tags: Storage Mobile computing

Weekend Shortbread
— 9:41 AM on June 1, 2013

7 Up Benchmark Reviews, CowcotLand, [H]ard|OCP, Hardware Canucks, Hardware Heaven, Hardware.Info, LanOC Reviews, Ocaholic, OCC,

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Deal of the week: A Radeon HD 7870 for $187.49, and other bargains
— 5:15 PM on May 31, 2013

This week for our deal post, we've got a trio of hardware deals and a trifecta of game bargains. Let's start with the hardware: ...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Power Storage Gaming

Thursday Night Shortbread
— 9:35 PM on May 30, 2013

Eight is Enough NYT: Mary Meeker peers into the future of mobile, wearables, and Facebook Ars Technica: Razer simultaneously expands and shrinks its lineup...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Wednesday Shortbread
— 3:08 PM on May 29, 2013

Eight is Enough Coming in Blue: Boot to desktop, Start button, and more - SuperSite for Windows X-bit labs: Microsoft will not...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

IMFT boss expects 2D flash to scale down to 10 nanometers
— 11:18 AM on May 29, 2013

IM Flash Technologies, Intel's joint venture with Micron, is responsible for the flash memory in an awful lot of modern SSDs. Most recently, the...

Type: News story Tags: Storage Memory

WD Se hard drive targets datacenters, NAS applications
— 11:47 AM on May 28, 2013

Western Digital has expanded its lineup of enterprise-class hard drives with a new Serial ATA model targeting everything from large datacenters to smaller NAS...

Type: News story Tags: Storage Servers

Memorial Day Shortbread
— 5:26 AM on May 27, 2013

The Pick 6 Reuters: Europe investigates Apple's iPhone tactics: FT Fudzilla: Xeon and Opteron dead on supercomputers and Gigabyte launches out BRIX...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Memorial Day Weekend Shortbread
— 12:00 AM on May 25, 2013

Eight is Enough TR regular codedivine pits AMD Jaguar vs. Llano (K10) @ 1.5GHz Fudzilla reports Lenovo shrugs off PC downturn New...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread

Deal of the week: A 7850 1GB for $132, and other bargains
— 5:35 PM on May 24, 2013

We've all been extraordinarily busy today, so our deal search was a little shorter than usual. Still, we found a very juicy graphics deal at...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Storage

Friday Shortbread
— 4:14 PM on May 24, 2013

Eight is Enough The Register: More than half of Windows 8 users treat it like Windows 7 Reuters: Yahoo! joins growing list...

Type: News story Tags: Shortbread