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NSA's PRISM program collecting data from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, others
— 10:35 AM on June 7, 2013

Documents leaked to The Guardian and The Washington Post suggest that...

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Here's what Windows 8.1's Start button looks like
— 6:00 AM on June 7, 2013

We've all heard about the return of the Start button. We've all weathered the disappointment of learning that, while the button is coming back, the...

Type: News story Tags: Operating systems Windows

Microsoft posts Windows 8.1 video preview, preps Outlook for Windows RT
— 3:13 PM on June 5, 2013

The public preview release of Windows 8.1 is about three weeks away, and to get us all hyped up, Microsoft has posted a video...

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Former exec: AMD's Xbox One deal is worth ''$3+'' billion
— 9:00 AM on May 28, 2013

Last week, Microsoft confirmed that the next-gen Xbox is powered by a custom AMD APU. Now, a former AMD executive has given us an...

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Updated Kinect motion sensor coming to the PC next year
— 9:02 AM on May 24, 2013

Microsoft's next-generation Kinect controller is a key component of the Xbox One console. It will ship with every system, and it's also coming to...

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Microsoft reveals next-generation Xbox One console
— 2:17 PM on May 21, 2013

Microsoft revealed its next-generation game console today. Dubbed Xbox One, the console was designed as an all-in-one entertainment system that's equally at home playing games...

Type: News story Tags: Game consoles

Pre-orders begin for Nvidia's Shield
— 9:10 AM on May 17, 2013

So, remember how Nvidia's Shield handheld gaming device was supposed to go...

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Report: Windows 8.1 expected in late October
— 11:35 AM on May 16, 2013

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 would be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users. We also learned that a public preview...

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Stable Firefox for Modern UI due in the fall
— 6:00 AM on May 10, 2013

About three months ago, Firefox's Modern UI interface made its first appearance in the nightly build channel. We haven't heard much Modern UI talk...

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It's official: Windows Blue public preview coming in June
— 9:11 AM on May 8, 2013

Microsoft is getting awfully chatty about Windows Blue this week. Yesterday, company CFO and marketing chief Tami Reller teased the upcoming OS update. Now,...

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Microsoft: 100 million Win8 licenses sold, Windows Blue is coming
— 9:17 AM on May 7, 2013

How's Windows 8 selling? About as well as Windows 7 did three years ago, judging by numbers posted this morning on the official Windows...

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Report: YouTube preparing paid channel subscriptions
— 1:24 PM on May 6, 2013

For years, cable TV subscribers have asked for a-la-carte service that would allow channels to be purchased individually. Cable providers have resisted, but it...

Type: News story Tags: Multimedia Internet

Acer shunning Windows RT—for now
— 6:00 AM on May 6, 2013

Windows 8 tablets keep getting cheaper. The latest models are available for well under $500, and if that early listing we saw last week...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Windows

Epic puts up WebGL-powered Epic Citadel demo
— 6:00 AM on May 3, 2013

Last year, Epic released a Flash version of its Epic Citadel tech demo. Now, thanks to WebGL, there's a new flavor of Epic Citadel...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming Internet Software

PS4 architect discusses console's custom AMD processor
— 11:55 AM on April 26, 2013

Since February, we've known that Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 console will have a "supercharged PC architecture" based on a custom AMD processor with GCN-derived...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics Game consoles

Rumor: Windows 8.1 will have a Start button, but no Start menu
— 9:10 AM on April 22, 2013

Well, this is a little disappointing. Remember that rumor about Windows 8.1 bringing back the Start button? According to The Verge, which quotes "sources...

Type: News story Tags: Operating systems Windows

Microsoft confirms mini Windows tablets
— 6:00 AM on April 22, 2013

The rumor mill has been predicting the arrival of smaller Windows tablets for a while. Microsoft lent weight to those predictions when it lowered...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Windows Personal tech

Microsoft beats earnings forecasts despite flat Windows growth
— 1:09 PM on April 19, 2013

How did Microsoft weather last quarter's slump in PC shipments? Not too badly, by the looks of it. The software giant has posted...

Type: News story Tags: Software Windows