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Winner drawn in MSI GeForce GTX 760 and Corsair HX1050 PSU giveaway
— 2:52 PM on September 11, 2013

Our latest giveaway has ended, and a winner has been drawn. Congratulations, Casey Dodd. You're about to become the lucky owner of a hot-clocked...

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Space is the place in Call of Duty: Ghosts single-player trailer
— 6:00 AM on September 11, 2013

How do you fell about heavily scripted, on-rails shooters? Oh, you like them? Well, have we got a video for you. The...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming

Battlefield 4 system requirements call for more RAM, storage
— 10:04 AM on September 10, 2013

Battlefield 4 is one of the most anticipated games of the season, and now, we know what sort of system you'll need to run it....

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Low-profile PSU, Mini-ITX motherboard collide in EVGA Hadron chassis
— 6:00 AM on September 10, 2013

EVGA is getting into the chassis business. The graphics card maker is starting small—literally. Its first design is a Mini-ITX enclosure that measures...

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Saints Row IV to join Never Settle Forever bundle
— 11:01 PM on September 9, 2013

In the market for a new Radeon? Well, good news: yet another title is about to join AMD's Never Settle game bundling deal. That game is...

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Deal of the week: Graphics cards, memory, and games
— 5:10 PM on September 6, 2013

Writing out these deal posts in prose is getting pretty boring, so I think I'll go with our simplified list format this week. The list...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Memory Gaming

POV parkour video brings Mirror's Edge to the real world
— 11:53 AM on September 6, 2013

A prequel to free-running classic Mirror's Edge is in development. The game promises an "open-world adventure," but it's early in development and...

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Don't forget to enter our MSI GeForce GTX 760 and Corsair HX1050 giveaway
— 10:01 AM on September 6, 2013

The clock is ticking on our latest giveaway. You have until Monday, September 9 to enter to win a MSI GeForce GTX...

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The Tòu of In Win wraps PCs in aluminum and tempered glass
— 6:00 AM on September 4, 2013

In Win is known for showing off outrageous-looking enclosure prototypes at the Computex trade show. This year, it was the Tòu, which surrounds an...

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Bugbear funds Next Car Game development with early pre-orders
— 9:59 AM on September 3, 2013

Remember FlatOut? The PC game combined car racing with carnage befitting a demolition derby, and it was quite a lot of fun. The franchise has...

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Batman: Arkham Origins bundled with select GeForce graphics cards
— 10:02 AM on August 30, 2013

If you were hoping to get in on Nvidia's Splinter Cell Blacklist gaming bundle, I have some good news and some bad news. The...

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Enter here to win an MSI GeForce GTX 760 graphics card and Corsair HX1050 PSU
— 7:08 PM on August 29, 2013

After all the hardware we've given away this summer, you'd think the well would have run dry by now. But no, we have more...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Power

Borderlands 2 to get four more content packs this year
— 9:39 AM on August 29, 2013

If you're a rabid Borderlands 2 fanatic like me, you'll be pleased to hear that the downloadable content packs released under the game's "season pass"...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming

HardOCP forum designs and crowd-funds enthusiast-grade Mini-ITX case
— 6:00 AM on August 29, 2013

The folks who hang out at PC enthusiast websites are usually pretty opinionated about how products should be designed. Now, a couple of guys over...

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Xbox One SoC rivals AMD's Tahiti for size, complexity
— 3:12 PM on August 28, 2013

Microsoft revealed some details of the Xbox One's custom SoC earlier this week at the Hot Chips conference, and I've been a little negligent in...

Type: News story Tags: CPUs Graphics Gaming Game consoles

Fanless chassis primed for Intel NUC motherboard
— 6:00 AM on August 28, 2013

Intel's Next Unit of Computing is a neat little device. The NUC, as it's called, is basically an ultrabook in a box. ...

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EA emphasizing next-gen consoles, mobile gaming ahead of the PC
— 1:38 PM on August 26, 2013

Despite the more general downturn in the industry, the PC gaming market reportedly grew 8% last year. EA's latest financial figures also...

Type: News story Tags: Gaming

Hinged Mini-ITX chassis prototype has small footprint, easy access to internals
— 9:50 AM on August 26, 2013

The Mini-ITX platform has a delightfully small footprint that's spawned all sorts of tiny chassis. Unfortunately, building systems inside those cases can be a...

Type: News story Tags: Cases