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A quick look at SanDisk's Sansa Clip MP3 player
— 10:06 PM on January 22, 2008

Always obsessed with finding the right tool for the job, I've long run not one, but two MP3 players. The first—currently an 80GB...

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Talkin' CES on the OCF Podcast
— 3:41 PM on January 19, 2008

I've made an appearance on the latest episode of the OCF Podcast.  This time, we talk at some length about the developments in PC...

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Remixed audio cards in Windows Vista
— 11:50 PM on January 14, 2008

Windows Vista has largely changed the game for PC audio solutions, and two new sound cards are set to challenge Creative's dominance of the market....

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How Intel ruined my Christmas vacation
— 4:00 PM on January 11, 2008

Okay, Intel didn't actually spoil my entire vacation, but it came awfully close. To understand why, you need to go back a couple of months:...

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A beginner's guide to overclocking
— 12:20 AM on December 20, 2007

PC enthusiasts have an almost compulsive desire to overclock, whether it's pushing chips to their limits or simply exploting the "free" headroom available with most...

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AMD's 2007 analyst day: Platforms and the glass half full
— 5:27 PM on December 13, 2007

AMD's management team talked for three hours this morning about the company's direction, upcoming products, and platforms. What did they have to say, and

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A correction to our AMD TLB erratum coverage
— 9:14 PM on December 9, 2007

I was closing some windows on my laptop and came across an unsaved document in an unselected tab in my text editor that had some...

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Phenom TLB patch benchmarked
— 12:59 AM on December 6, 2007

We have been following the story of a chip-level problem in AMD's quad-core Opteron and Phenom processors all week. We can now offer you...

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Lessons from the difficult birth of the Spider platform
— 4:56 PM on November 26, 2007

We try not to get too much into behind-the-scenes drama here at TR, "inside baseball" stuff like how we deal with public relations types, because...

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AMD's Phenom processors
— 10:48 PM on November 19, 2007

Phenom processors are here at last—and priced to move. We've flogged them thoroughly for your enjoyment, as is our brutal custom. Come...

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So where's the Phenom review, man?
— 11:30 PM on November 18, 2007

I expect many of you came to TR this morning hoping to see a review of AMD's Phenom processor, since AMD has just launched the...

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Penryn die shot wallpaper
— 10:18 PM on October 30, 2007

One of you guys wrote in and asked for a higher resolution version of the Penryn die photo that I ran in my Core...

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Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processor
— 11:00 PM on October 28, 2007

Intel's 45nm quad-core "Penryn"-based processors are poised for an epic battle with AMD's Phenom. Does the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 deliver on its promise? ...

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Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX6850 processor
— 1:20 AM on October 19, 2007

Yeah, yeah, so this review's a little late. You know you still wanna see how Intel's top quad-core processor stacks up against a...

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Intel's Stoakley platform and 45nm Xeons
— 4:00 PM on September 18, 2007

The contest between next-generation CPU architectures has begun in earnest. Read on to see how Intel's 45nm Xeons match up with AMD's quad-core...

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AMD's quad-core Opteron 2300 processors
— 2:00 AM on September 10, 2007

Somewhere around mid-morning this past Friday, a rather large package made its way into the depths of Damage Labs. Inside was a server...

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Can the E4300/G965 match AMD's low-power parts?
— 2:32 PM on July 15, 2007

In the wake of our Athlon X2 BE-2350 review, the folks at Intel contacted me with a challenge. We had tested AMD's new low-power...

Type: Feature article Tags: CPUs Chipsets

Weighing the value of today's processors
— 12:00 AM on June 29, 2007

PROCESSOR REVIEWS TEND TO FOCUS on performance, and rightly so. We all want to...

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