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OCZ touts affordable Onyx 2 SSDs
— 6:00 AM on September 28, 2010

While OCZ may not be introducing new SSDs fast enough to make my head spin, as was once the case, it's still keeping things moving....

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Deal of the week: Something for everybody
— 5:13 PM on September 24, 2010

We've got a little bit of everything in today's deal post—enough to satisfy gamers, storage buffs, folks building power-hungry PCs, and Canadian laptop shoppers. Let's start...

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Light Peak prototypes on display at IDF
— 12:11 PM on September 14, 2010

While much of the discussion of next-gen peripheral interfaces is focused on how and when Intel will dip into USB 3.0 territory, the company's

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Release roundup: Two enclosures, two storage drives
— 5:26 PM on September 9, 2010

This week's release roundup is all about enclosures and storage. We have announcements from Cooler Master, LaCie, Lian Li, and Super Talent:

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USB 3.0 controllers from ASMedia, Via, and Eton still not certified
— 11:00 AM on September 7, 2010

Perhaps no PC interface is in more dire need of an upgrade than USB. USB 3.0 has come to the rescue, but it's thus...

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HP, Hynix team up to mass-produce memristors
— 12:03 PM on September 1, 2010

Most people know HP best for its well-established printers and consumer PCs, but the firm has some intriguing memory technology coming down the pike, as...

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Mass production of 24-nm flash memory begins at Toshiba
— 11:43 AM on August 31, 2010

Add Toshiba to the growing list of flash memory providers who have upgraded to the next generation of fabrication technologies. The company has

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Iomega to offer USB 3.0 for the price of 2.0
— 11:55 AM on August 24, 2010

Are your principles—and perhaps some online gambling debts—preventing you from coughing up the price premium for a USB 3.0 external hard drive? Well, your steadfast...

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New Samsung SSDs have TRIM support, 30-nano flash
— 2:41 PM on August 23, 2010

Ronald caught this in the 'bread, but the story deserves some additional attention. TechConnect has spotted a new batch of solid-state disks...

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Deal of the week: Blu-ray bonanza
— 3:34 PM on August 20, 2010

For a good, long while after the Blu-ray format debuted, recording discs was an expensive endeavor, with retailers charging several hundred bucks for burners and...

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A tribute to my under-appreciated home file servers
— 11:37 PM on August 19, 2010

I spend an almost embarrassing amount of time in front of my desktop PC. It's my workhorse, and the system that I endeavor to...

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Release roundup: An Ion box, fresh enclosures, a clicky keyboard, and more
— 5:27 PM on August 19, 2010

Our sack of press announcements is bursting at the seams this week with news from Adata, BitFenix, Lian Li, Razer, and Shuttle: ...

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Poll: How much storage in your primary PC?
— 3:04 PM on August 18, 2010

Although hard drive capacities aren't growing at the rate they once were, the drives themselves are getting cheaper and cheaper. That's made it easy...

Poll Question: • How much storage capacity is in your primary PC?

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Toshiba prototype offers peek at future platter technology
— 11:01 AM on August 18, 2010

While Hitachi, Seagate, and Western Digital collaborate on future storage technology, Toshiba has come up with a breakthrough all on its own. As...

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Hitachi, Seagate, and WD form joint research group
— 6:00 AM on August 18, 2010

Consolidation has taken a new shape in the hard drive market. No, Seagate hasn't purchased Western Digital—but the two companies have joined forces, along with...

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Intel and Micron start sampling 25-nano TLC flash memory
— 12:06 PM on August 17, 2010

Intel has announced that it and Micron have become the first to sample 25-nm flash memory that packs three bits per cell. Otherwise...

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Leaked roadmap reveals Intel SSD plans
— 10:37 AM on August 16, 2010

Engadget has come upon a leaked Intel SSD roadmap that reveals the company's plans for the coming two quarters. According to the official-looking...

Type: News story Tags: Storage

Enterprise SSD controller being jointly developed by Samsung and Seagate
— 12:15 PM on August 12, 2010

As we've learned from testing a multitude of solid-state disks, controller technology can play a big role in defining overall drive performance. The number of...

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