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Building a prototype mast for village wireless VoIP
— 11:40 PM on November 25, 2007

October 18, 2007 I spent a better part of the day cutting, drilling, grinding, and assembling. The result was surprisingly stable–more stable than I could have...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking

A shopping trip for village wireless VoIP
— 1:52 PM on November 23, 2007

October 16, 2007 We took a trip down to Home Depot, having only half of a design in mind for an antenna tower. We...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking

At last, a test site for villiage wireless VoIP
— 12:00 PM on November 21, 2007

October 12, 2007 The day after that we met the land owner at his office first thing in he morning. His primary concern was that...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking

Another disappointment, but hope
— 9:15 PM on November 19, 2007

October 11, 2007 The next day we headed off towards node 13. We missed a turn or two, and...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking

Disappointing change of plans in wireless VoIP research
— 9:50 PM on November 17, 2007

October 10, 2007 It was time for our first site survey--a 'reality check' for a proposed site. Radio Mobile's altitude data is around 90...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking

Village wireless VoIP research begins
— 7:22 PM on November 16, 2007

September 2007 While in the U.S., I am researching various hardware and software options for this project, and also building a mini prototype of the...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking

Introducing 'Voice in the Mountains'
— 4:00 PM on November 16, 2007

A VoIP communication system via a mesh network of wireless routers... that are solar powered... in remote mountain villages.... home-built. Sounds interesting,...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking The Tech Report

Village wireless VoIP project overview
— 4:00 PM on November 16, 2007

Summer 2007 The goal of this project is to provide reliable and inexpensive voice communications for villages in an isolated,...

Type: Blog post Tags: Miscellaneous Networking

Verizon cooks up 200Mbps FiOS
— 4:23 PM on November 12, 2007

The FiOS fiber-to-the-premises services Verizon currently offers may be fast, with their 30Mbps peak download speeds, but they still pale in comparison to the...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Networking

Kitchen computer gets a new internet stick
— 1:17 AM on November 1, 2007

Back in March I built a system intended to be the new family PC. The goal was to make it small, quiet and...

Type: Blog post Tags: Systems Miscellaneous Networking

New memory card adds Wi-Fi to digital cameras
— 6:00 AM on October 31, 2007

A company called Eye-Fi has released a rather unusual SD memory card aimed at digital cameras. The Eye-Fi Card has 2GB of capacity and...

Type: News story Tags: Multimedia Software Networking

Storm botnet could outperform top supercomputers
— 1:04 PM on September 7, 2007

Stanford University's Folding@Home project is a great example of desktop computers pooling their computing resources together, but what if a botnet generated by malware...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software Networking

City Wi-Fi fails in Chicago, San Francisco
— 1:01 PM on August 30, 2007

Plans for city-wide Wi-Fi have stalled in two major US cities in the past couple of days. In Chicago, the city has been...

Type: News story Tags: Networking

Bigfoot Networks' Killer NIC
— 12:00 AM on August 8, 2007

FOR YEARS, GAMERS, enthusiasts, and even mainstream users have been getting their networking for...

Type: Feature article Tags: Networking

Researchers develop 'multi-gigabit' wireless
— 2:58 PM on July 23, 2007

It's no secret that wireless connectivity protocols like Bluetooth lag behind wired networking methods in terms of transfer rates. However, researchers at the Georgia Institute...

Type: News story Tags: Networking

Apple to adopt 802.11n early
— 12:45 AM on January 10, 2007

The new iPhone may have stolen the show at Macworld, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs also revealed some of the company's wireless networking plans. Those...

Type: News story Tags: Networking

Abit cooks up Wi-Fi card for PCI Express
— 10:12 AM on December 12, 2006

As Asus continues to introduce motherboards with integrated Wi-Fi, Abit has decided to take a different approach to desktop wireless connectivity. The company

Type: News story Tags: Networking

IEEE readies 100Gbps Ethernet standard
— 12:24 PM on December 8, 2006

Today's fastest Ethernet standard may support speeds up to 10Gb/s, but the IEEE doesn't intend to stop there. The Institute's 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group...

Type: News story Tags: Networking