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EU greenlights Oracle-Sun merger
— 6:00 AM on January 22, 2010

Oracle's acquisition of Sun looks set to go forward, after all. The European Commission threatened to blackball the deal last November, but as InformationWeek...

Type: News story Tags: Software Linux-Unix

Firefox 3.6 goes gold
— 1:51 PM on January 21, 2010

The next release of Mozilla's popular web browser is now available for your consumption—and without all those pesky beta or release-candidate labels. You can grab...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software

Office injunction leaves holes in Microsoft Store
— 11:17 AM on January 12, 2010

After Microsoft's unsuccessful appeal last month, a federal court upheld an injunction barring the sale of Word 2007 due to an alleged patent violation....

Type: News story Tags: Software

Newsweek expects Ballmer to get the axe
— 5:37 PM on January 11, 2010

Microsoft will oust Steve Ballmer as CEO—so says the ninth item in Newsweek's list of 10 tech predictions for this year. Newsweek doesn't have...

Type: News story Tags: Software Windows

First Firefox 3.6 release candidate rolls out
— 10:28 AM on January 11, 2010

Users longing for some bleeding-edge browser goodness will be happy to know that the first Firefox 3.6 release candidate has gone up for download....

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software

Intel opens app store for Windows, Moblin netbooks
— 3:24 PM on January 8, 2010

App stores seem to be the latest craze right now, and Intel has become the latest company to succumb to it. With the freshly...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Software

Office 2010 pricing and editions announced
— 12:26 PM on January 5, 2010

On the Office 2010 Engineering blog this morning, Microsoft revealed how it intends to price the various editions of its next office productivity suite....

Type: News story Tags: Software

Refined Firefox 4 user interface mockups appear
— 2:36 PM on December 23, 2009

Remember those Firefox 4 user-interface concepts we talked about this summer? Mozilla designer Stephen Horlander has been quietly refining them, and he's posted...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software

Federal appeals court bars sale of Microsoft Word
— 2:02 PM on December 22, 2009

On January 11, the current version of Microsoft Word 2007 will be barred from sale in the United States. No joke. You might recall a...

Type: News story Tags: Software

Adobe fixes bugs in Flash 10.1 beta 2
— 9:05 AM on December 18, 2009

Exactly one month after unleashing its GPU-accelerated Flash 10.1 player, Adobe has followed up with a beta 2 release that includes a handful...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Software

Report: Chrome reaches third place in browser rankings
— 6:00 AM on December 17, 2009

Google has made considerable headway since releasing the very first Chrome browser beta in September of 2008. According to Net Applications figures quoted by...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software

Microsoft, EU agree on browser ballot, EU drops charges
— 5:05 PM on December 16, 2009

Not all action by antitrust regulators ends badly for PC industry monopolies. Although Intel is now coming under fire from the FTC, Microsoft has...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software Windows

Firefox 3.6 supports drag-and-drop uploading
— 6:00 AM on December 16, 2009

Despite all of the dynamic JavaScript and XML goodness that permeates the web these days, uploading photos and documents has remained a chore—unless you happen...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software

Kaspersky speeds up virus screening with Tesla GPUs
— 12:23 PM on December 15, 2009

Is this the dawn of client-side GPU-accelerated virus scanning? Not quite. However, anti-virus software firm Kaspersky Lab has begun to use Nvidia graphics processors...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Software Windows

Official Windows 7 USB installer goes open-source
— 9:36 AM on December 11, 2009

Users with netbooks and consumer ultraportable laptops can now upgrade to Windows 7 using a free, open-source tool... released by Microsoft this week. No, you...

Type: News story Tags: Software Windows

Mozilla exec: Bing has a better privacy policy than Google
— 5:14 PM on December 10, 2009

Recent comments by Google CEO Eric Schmidt about his search engine's privacy policy don't sit well with one Mozilla executive. As ComputerWorld reports, Mozilla...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software Copyright

Thunderbird 3.0 arrives with tabs, filtered search
— 10:25 AM on December 9, 2009

As the Firefox web browser has grown in popularity, speed, and sophistication over the years, another Mozilla product has stagnated: Thunderbird. Version 2.0 of the...

Type: News story Tags: Software

Google releases Chrome beta for Mac, Linux, adds extensions
— 2:51 PM on December 8, 2009

As development continues on Chrome OS, Google is also hard at work polishing up its Chrome web browser and porting it over to other operating...

Type: News story Tags: Internet Software