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WiGig Alliance completes 7Gbps wireless spec
— 8:01 AM on December 10, 2009

If all goes according to plan, super-fast wireless networking could be just around the...

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Mini DisplayPort becomes a real standard
— 6:00 AM on November 11, 2009

When Apple unveiled its aluminum MacBooks in 2008, it broke new ground on several fronts, offering users aluminum unibody enclosures, multi-touch glass touch pads......

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Acer unveils 23'' multi-touch monitor
— 6:00 AM on October 30, 2009

You don't need to spring for a touch-screen notebook or some sort of...

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New StarTech KVM switch has native DisplayPort
— 1:32 PM on October 7, 2009

With many newer monitors and graphics cards flaunting DisplayPort connections, it's about time keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switches got in line, too. StarTech now claims to be...

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Eyefinity pushes over 24 million pixels with one next-gen Radeon
— 12:43 PM on September 10, 2009

Say you're AMD, and you make graphics chips that nearly double in performance with every generation. Yet games haven't been getting all that much...

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15-inch MacBook Pro gets anti-glare option
— 3:37 PM on August 11, 2009

Love Apple laptops but hate glossy displays? Good news, then: you don't have to cough up $2,549 for that 17" MacBook Pro with the non-glossy...

Type: News story Tags: Displays Mobile computing

Deal of the week: Dell's UltraSharp 2408WFP for $469
— 5:14 PM on August 7, 2009

Last time we featured Dell's UltraSharp 2408WFP in our deal post, it was on sale for $517. Today, the display is on sale again,...

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Deal of the week: A 1080p monitor for $150 shipped
— 5:24 PM on May 15, 2009

Many of our deal posts feature graphics cards, but what good is a shiny new GPU if you're stuck with an old 17" LCD—or, worse,...

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LCD prices are on the rise, says iSuppli
— 2:50 PM on April 9, 2009

The global economic downturn has led to price drops in some parts of the computer hardware market. However, you probably shouldn't count on finding too...

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New Dell monitor has 21.5'' panel size, 1080p resolution
— 6:00 AM on April 3, 2009

The slow transition to desktop monitors with 16:9 aspect ratios seems to produce some...

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Upcoming Dell monitors to have LED backlights
— 9:55 AM on January 9, 2009

LED backlighting technology has been a staple of thin-and-light laptops for some time, but it's been largely absent from the desktop scene (Apple's $899 LED...

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— 10:10 AM on December 30, 2008

Had a pretty productive day yesterday. Did data entry and made graphs for GPU stuff. 12 different GPU configs and seven different benchmarks,...

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LCD panel prices are headed down
— 1:49 PM on December 8, 2008

Don't be surprised if LCD monitors keep getting cheaper over the coming weeks and months. The folks at DigiTimes have learned from "market sources" that...

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HP's LP2475w monitor: IPS at a bargain price
— 11:08 AM on December 4, 2008

Those who follow my blog may have some idea of the trouble I've encountered trying to replace my aging (and dimming) 20.1" Viewsonic VX2025wm with...

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High-density 23'' Dell display arrives in the U.S.
— 3:36 PM on November 18, 2008

After quietly showing up in Canada over a week ago, Dell's bizarro 23"...

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Deal of the week: Cheap RAM and a 24-inch widescreen
— 10:20 AM on November 14, 2008

We have a pair of deals for you this week. A month ago, we featured a 4GB Kingston DDR2-800 memory kit with a CAS...

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Dell launches 23'' display with unusual resolution
— 5:07 PM on November 10, 2008

Here's something you don't see every day. Dell has quietly added a new...

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Thermaltake's A2413 7-inch LCD
— 11:05 PM on September 29, 2008

Thermaltake's A2413 7" LCD display packs a touch-sensitive screen into a motorized drive bay that looks perfect for car PCs and enterprising modders. We

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