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Purported Zambezi sample overclocked past 5GHz
— 12:48 PM on July 5, 2011

Looks like Intel may not be the only company whose next-gen CPU samples have, somehow, made their way into the hands of overclockers. Czech blog...

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— 9:40 AM on July 5, 2011

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Ivy Bridge sample sneaks out, is benchmarked
— 6:00 AM on July 5, 2011

Intel's 22-nm Ivy Bridge processors aren't due out for a while still—knowing the chipmaker, we'll probably see them pop up on retail shelves early next...

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RWT dissects AMD's Llano, speculates about Trinity
— 12:07 PM on July 1, 2011

If Scott's 10,000-word expose on the Llano architecture and its mobile incarnation hasn't quelled your appetite, and you're still hungry for more after reading...

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Report: AMD prepares to phase out Socket AM3 chips
— 6:00 AM on June 30, 2011

With Llano now out of the gate and Bulldozer due later this summer, the days of Athlon II and Phenom II processors are unsurprisingly numbered....

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AMD's A8-3850 Fusion APU
— 11:17 PM on June 29, 2011

AMD's "Llano" APU makes a compelling proposition as a laptop chip, but its position on the desktop is more precarious. Read on to find...

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IHS iSuppli: AMD's revenue share continued to shrink last quarter
— 4:35 PM on June 29, 2011

Recent IDC numbers suggest that AMD's share of x86 microprocessor shipments is holding steady. However, according to IHS iSuppli, the underdog's slice of microprocessor...

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Bulldozer Opterons to have adjustable TDPs
— 10:01 AM on June 29, 2011

AMD has lost a fair amount of ground in the server space over the past little while, but it's gearing up for a comeback...

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Many Llano laptops may not be available until August
— 2:24 PM on June 28, 2011

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-production Llano notebook earlier this month, but according to a well-placed industry source, retail...

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RWT explores the importance of semiconductor cooling
— 12:26 PM on June 23, 2011

As PC enthusiasts, we often invest in expensive heatsinks, fans, and liquid coolers in an attempt to either overclock or achieve some peace and quiet....

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AMD's A8-3500M Fusion APU
— 7:53 PM on June 22, 2011

Can AMD's 'Llano' APU really take on Intel's excellent Sandy Bridge processors and hold its own? We've taken a deep look at its...

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BAPCo slams AMD; Nvidia's departure confirmed
— 10:12 AM on June 22, 2011

Clearly, BAPCo isn't too happy with AMD's decision to pull out of the consortium and disparage the new SYSmark 2012 benchmark. The consortium

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Faster entry-level Gulftown may come out next week
— 9:25 AM on June 21, 2011

Now that its latest batch of ultra-low-voltage processors is out the door, Intel may decide to revisit its fastest and most power-hungry processor family. That's...

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Four low-power mobile Sandy CPUs debut
— 6:00 AM on June 21, 2011

Intel seems fond of adding processors to its price list on quiet Sundays every now and then. That's just what happened with the latest batch...

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Intel teases many-core 22-nm products at HPC conference
— 11:08 AM on June 20, 2011

The International Supercomputing Conference is taking place in Hamburg, Germany this week, and Intel is there drumming up hype for its upcoming many-integrated-core (MIC)...

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Shakeup at GloFo as CEO Grose steps aside
— 10:07 AM on June 16, 2011

While AMD is having trouble finding a replacement for ousted CEO Dirk Meyer, spin-off GlobalFoundries has just named a new management team, seemingly overnight. Doug...

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Report: Four executives turn down AMD CEO position
— 9:31 AM on June 16, 2011

Anyone want to take the reins at AMD? More than six months after showing Dirk Meyer the door, AMD has yet to find...

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ARM Fellow takes the mic at AMD event
— 5:37 PM on June 14, 2011

Attendees at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit here in Bellevue, Washington were treated to an unexpected keynote speaker today: Jem Davies, Fellow and Technology VP...

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