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In this InVideo review, we explore a popular, newly launched AI tool for converting articles, scripts, and even one-line prompts into engaging videos.

InVideo AI is a generative AI (Gen AI) app with an impressive free plan. The core offering is undoubtedly its professional, drag-and-drop video editing capabilities, available through InVideo Studio.

Read on to learn how InVideo AI fared in our tests. We’ll also evaluate all the InVideo pricing plans and analyze how the app compares to growing competition.


  • The generative AI engine is fast and accurate
  • All plans support unlimited team members
  • Built-in cloud storage in all plans
  • Impressive template library and royalty-free music


  • Separate costs for AI video creation and classic video editing
  • The InVideo Studio free plan doesn’t support any exports

Who is InVideo for? Key Use Cases

InVideo is suitable for anyone looking to create high-quality videos, whether it be for training or branding. InVideo AI is for those short on time and beginners, while InVideo Studio is ideal for teams and aspiring video editors.

We found InVideo to be quite versatile. Here are some of the key applications we found the platform could be used for:

  • Business Owners — Create scripts and videos from just a few words and reach your audience on social media.
  • Marketing Teams — Quickly generate clips with thousands of templates to meet the needs of every campaign.
  • YouTubers — Use the Studio app to edit your YT footage scene by scene and add layers and voiceovers.
  • Startups — Leverage the templates and music library for pitch decks or other types of presentations.
  • Influencers — Maintain an online presence with AI-generated videos and social media templates.
  • Learning Professionals — Teachers and HR teams can convert text into engaging videos to engage learners.

InVideo’s Key Features

Using InVideo AI’s powerful features, we were able to create a quick video in under 10 minutes. Here are the highlights of InVideo’s feature set:

Testing the InVideo Video Maker (Gen AI)

The InVideo AI video maker is surprisingly effective. You can enter a prompt into the text box (just like in ChatGPT or any other Gen AI tool), and it’ll create a short clip describing the topic.

The more detailed your instructions, the better the results. For our InVideo review, we typed in a 432-character prompt, which is well under the prompting limit of 25,000 characters.

You can specify your preferred format – YouTube video, social media stories, or reels – and InVideo AI generates the content accordingly.

InVideo AI video generator
The app (marketed as InVideo’s Gen AI co-pilot feature) was able to create a 1:08 minute-long clip in approximately five minutes of processing time.

The final output will contain a series of stock images, some of which are licensed. By upgrading to a premium plan, you can remove the watermark for licensed stock photos.

Once the video is ready, you can share feedback with the double thumbs-up, thumbs-up, or thumbs-down buttons. The video generator learns from this so it can offer better results next time.

Analyzing InVideo’s Media Editing Capabilities

InVideo AI isn’t just an AI content creator; it also lets you edit the videos you generate and external content you import into InVideo’s media library. The company offers:

  • 1GB of cloud storage to free users
  • 10GB to business users
  • 100 GB to unlimited plan subscribers

We did find the import process to be slightly buggy. Uploading a 465MB video to InVideo AI took a couple of attempts and nearly 10 minutes to finish, even with a strong internet connection.

While not a dealbreaker, this can be a problem for professional content creators looking to edit and manage their entire video libraries using InVideo.

Uploading videos to InVideo AI

That said, we liked that you can organize your videos into albums, view file version histories, and view a complete history of everything you’ve created or edited.

Like the video creation process, you can edit videos using a conversational approach. Type in your instructions into the editing box, and InVideo quickly regenerates the content.

We especially liked that you can pinpoint a specific timestamp in the video and make changes accordingly. InVideo’s Gen AI co-pilot will also suggest a few edits by default, which is ideal for beginners.

InVideo AI’s conversational video editor

If you aren’t happy with the conversational approach and want something more powerful (along the lines of Apple iMovie), try InVideo Studio.

While AI.InVideo.io is a fast and easy video app, Studio.InVideo.io is far more comprehensive, similar to other professional video editing software that doesn’t use Gen AI.

InVideo Studio’s drag-and-drop video editor

The Studio is harder to use, but it gives you greater control over each frame. You can add images, change the background music, insert a voiceover, upload your company logo, and much more.

We were also impressed by the app’s massive built-in media gallery that contains thousands of songs categorized by mood and genre.

Thanks to InVideo’s music partnerships, this entire library is royalty-free, allowing you to customize the video’s audio for free.

Generating a Script Using InVideo

One of the standout features we found during our InVideo review was its ability to generate engaging, error-free scripts.

We even asked the Gen AI chatbot to include a statistic with complete references, and it did. You can convert the script into a video directly within the app or export it for external use.

Generating and editing scripts using InVideo

The script is part of the video’s storyboard, which displays the different scenes and corresponding text side by side. You can modify each element of the script, and the video automatically changes accordingly.

We found the process to be intuitive and hassle-free.

Collaborating Within InVideo Studio

For business users, video creation and editing can be a collaborative process, often part of a larger marketing campaign.

Using Studio.InVideo.io, you can invite your team members and other stakeholders and give them access to your video library.

Inviting teammates to Invideo Studio

We were happy to see that every InVideo plan lets you invite unlimited team members, either via email or using a shareable link.

Team members can navigate to a specific timestamp on the video and add their comments. You can even tag others to assign tasks.

Collaborative video editing in InVideo Studio

While adding teammates, you can specify their role as admin or regular; this is useful for maintaining your video library’s security and integrity.

Exploring InVideo’s Library of Templates

One of InVideo’s biggest selling points is its massive library of templates. You can access 5,000+ video templates, complete with text boxes, audio, and vectors.

InVideo has templates for every use case, from Instagram reels to slideshows and YouTube. The entire template library is available even to free users.

Choose a template and your preferred dimensions—landscape (16:9), square (1:1), and portrait (9:16)—and then simply click on a template to start editing each element.

Example of an InVideo video template

That said, the templates feature has one key restriction – you’ll have to upgrade to export your videos.

InVideo AI lets you download the videos you generate in 4K resolution, but you’ll need a premium subscription to InVideo Studio to access the finished product outside of the platform.

InVideo Pricing Overview

InVideo pricing starts at $0, thanks to its free forever plans. Paid plans start at $15/month and go up to $1,099 for a lifetime license.

The free plan for the video generator is quite good; occasional video makers—for example, teachers looking to supplement their main course—will find it sufficient.

Agencies and teams working with high content volumes can opt for the $1,099 InVideo Studio plan that supports unlimited video editing for a lifetime.

InVideo AI Pricing Plans

InVideo AI is the company’s new generative AI video editor, launched in 2023. It has a free plan, and paid plans, perfect for teams looking to boost their video generation capacity. Here are your options:

InVideo AI pricing

While the free version only lets you create 10 minutes of AI video a week, we found it to be excellent value, thanks to the quality and accuracy of the content produced.

However, InVideo AI’s Plus and Max plans don’t offer volume discounts if you sign up for multiple users, which we felt was a missed opportunity.

For instance, Pictory AI costs $39/month for one user under the Professional plan but $99/month for three users under the Teams plan.

InVideo Studio Pricing Plans

If you’ve opted for InVideo’s video editor (Studio) and not the Gen AI app, you’ll have three plans to choose from, including lifetime license options, which can save you thousands in the long term.

InVideo Studio pricing

Unlike InVideo AI, the Studio’s free plan isn’t very useful for one simple reason – you can’t export the videos you create.

On the other hand, all paid plans support unlimited team members, and you also get free cloud storage. Here are the differences between the three plans:

  • Free — No premium templates, max 15-minute videos, no HD, 1GB of storage, and no priority support.
  • Business — Premium templates, max 40-minute videos, 1080P resolution, 10GB of storage, and priority support.
  • Unlimited — Unlimited exports, 100GB storage, and access to 120 stock media items a month.

All InVideo plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee, which we found to be a little limiting since some InVideo competitors like PicsArt offer a 30-day refund policy.

Is InVideo Easy to Use?

InVideo has two main interfaces – AI.InVideo.io and Studio.InVideo.io. The first is extremely easy to use and involves no learning curve. The Studio has multiple tools, templates, and settings, which require a little getting used to.

InVideo is accessible through the web and mobile apps. However, on mobile, you’ll only have access to InVideo’s Gen AI video creation co-pilot and not the full-featured editing and collaboration studio.

Reviewing InVideo’s Gen AI Interface on Mobile

InVideo’s mobile app mimics the look and feel of its web-based counterpart. It has the same dark mode aesthetic, a limited set of tools, and a chat-based interface for video creation and editing.

We liked that InVideo has apps for iPads and Android tablets, giving video professionals more space to experiment with their creations.

Also, there’s perfect feature parity between the web, Android, and iOS versions of InVideo AI, ensuring that mobile users don’t miss out on key capabilities.

Our Analysis of InVideo Studio on Desktop

The InVideo Studio desktop version is feature-packed and available only via web browsers on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks.

The InVideo Studio drag-and-drop user interface is similar to popular media editors like Photoshop Elements and Canva; we’re confident that seasoned video editors will find it a breeze to use.

InVideo Studio web app on desktop

InVideo offers a library of tutorials to help those new to video editing. These include guides to using InVideo’s features as well as tips and advice on common video marketing questions, such as how to go viral.

Therefore, up-and-coming content creators will find everything they need to launch their careers, from actionable advice to streamlined tools and an active user community.

Note that it doesn’t offer any browser extensions, unlike some of InVideo AI’s competitors like Simplified.

InVideo vs Top InVideo AI Competitors

Artificial intelligence is transforming content creation, and InVideo is among the best-performing tools we’ve tested in this segment. However, it’s not for everyone. Here’s an overview of how it compares to some leading InVideo competitors:

AI Video Software Top Choice For Starting Price (/month) Standout Features
InVideo Startups and social media professionals $0 – Fast AI video generator
– Up to 400 GB storage
– Collaborative editing toolkit
Synthesia Mid-sized to large teams $29 – Large integration library
– One-click translations
– 160+ AI avatars
Picsart Media professionals and small teams $0 – Powerful mobile editor
– Pre-built AI filters
– Community-built design library
Pictory AI Established content creators and marketers $19 – AI text-to-video conversion
– Extensive brand kits
– Free learning library
Simplified Text, image, and video content creators $9 – Premium stock media
– Project management capabilities
– Supports all forms of AI content

Pictory vs InVideo: Which is Best?

Pictory and InVideo are both powerful AI video generators with their own applications and use cases. Pictory has a wider range of tools than InVideo AI.

For example, you can copy-paste a link, and Pictory will automatically generate a corresponding video. You can also access APIs to integrate Pictory with other software, a feature you won’t find in InVideo.

On the other hand, Pictory is more expensive and doesn’t have a free plan. You’ll have to pay an extra fee to add users, and the maximum video length is 30 minutes vs 40 minutes in Invideo.

Pictory pricing
Pictory AI’s pricing

In comparison, InVideo AI has a simple, minimalist interface, and you can start creating videos with virtually no preparation.

It has an attractive free plan and a separate Studio for professional video editors. Unlike Pictory, you can also install it on your mobile device.

InVideo AI is ideal for those new to AI video generation, while Studio is meant for marketing teams and seasoned video editors, like professional YouTubers.

Pictory is a dedicated AI video software with more tools than InVideo AI but it lacks Studio’s editing prowess. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your use case, budget, and collaboration needs.

InVideo Reviews – What Are People Saying?

InVideo has mostly positive reviews across reputed customer review forums. In short, we found many appreciate the user-friendly and time-saving AI generator but face occasional issues like slow processing and persistent watermarks.

On G2, InVideo reviews by 135 customers give it a total rating of 4.5/5. Similarly, users on Capterra give it a rating of 4.6/5 based on 385 reviews.

Example of an InVideo review on G2

On TrustPilot, Invieo has an average rating of 3.6/5 based on 664 customer reviews. Across these sites, you’ll find that several customers mention issues around false advertising.

This is because InVideo AI isn’t included with InVideo Studio. Make sure to evaluate both offerings for your needs so you can choose the right one.

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Why You Can Trust Our InVideo Review

At TechReport, we’ve been bringing you the latest news from the world of technology since 1999. Our guides are 100% human-authored and based on our experience testing software products and years of industry knowledge.

For this InVideo review, we signed up for entry-level plans for both InVideo AI and InVideo Studio. For the former, we typed in a 432-character prompt on digital transformation to analyze the video generation process and the output.

For Studio, we explored InVideo’s templates and created a 30-second reel using the app’s editing tools and media gallery.

To bolster our tests’ findings, we also referred to customer reviews on trusted websites like G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra.

This, combined with our experience with other AI video generators, allows us to offer accurate insight into what you can expect from the platform so you can make an informed decision.

How to Use InVideo AI – A Step-By-Step Guide

To start using InVideo, first choose whether you want to use the AI video generator or the classical video editor (Studio). Then, sign up for your preferred plan.

InVideo will open on your browser, and you can start trying out its tools and features right away. Here are the step-by-step instructions for using InVideo AI:

Step 1 — Sign Up for InVideo

Visit the InVideo website and sign up with your email, Google, or Apple account details. Follow the onboarding wizard, specify why you want to use InVideo, and keep clicking “Continue”.

The app will automatically create your personalized workspace for video creation.

signing p for InVideo AI

Step 2 — Type in Your Prompt

You’ll see a textbox at the center of your workspace. In it, type in the video’s topic and any other guidelines you want to share. Keep it under 25,000 characters and click the “Generate a video” button.

InVideo automatically uses its newest AI model, but you can switch to an older one if you want.

InVideo AI’s prompt box

Step 3 — Download Your Video

Depending on the guidelines and prompt you provided, the video will take a few minutes to generate. Once it’s ready, click on the “Download” button right below it to export it to your computer.

InVideo AI’s video generation process

You can also edit the video using the prompt input box below. Once you’re happy with the results, click ‘Download’ and choose your preferred video settings to start sharing or using the video elsewhere.

Configuring download settings on InVideo AI

The Verdict

InVideo offers a brilliant AI video generator and a simple UI. We were impressed by how quickly it was able to take our prompt and convert it into an engaging visual.

This is because, unlike AI creators like Midjourney, it doesn’t create original images and video clips. Instead, it relies on stock media and stitches together only the relevant visuals.

This is a major benefit because video processing happens faster when there’s no creation involved.  InVideo Studio is also a powerful and intuitive video editor with a fully drag-and-drop interface.

While its free version is a little disappointing, you’ll benefit from pre-built templates, royalty-free music, and handy collaboration tools when you upgrade to Premium.

That said, we did feel it would be good to have pro editing tools on the same platform instead of a separately billed app.


Is InVideo worth it?

Can I use InVideo for free?

Is InVideo without watermark?

Is InVideo copyright-free?


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