blockchain why 4 million raised in impt pre sale shows why it is on course for 100x gains in 2023
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Why 4 Million Raised In IMPT Pre-sale Shows Why It Is On Course For 100x Gains In 2023

Investors in the IMPT pre-sale aren’t only intrigued by the fact that it’s a startup but also by its potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry. Yet, incredibly, it has avoided the hype and fantasies that have plagued the crypto market by establishing a firm foundation and road map.

Many groups all around the globe have made it their mission to maintain the Earth in pristine shape by reducing humanity’s carbon footprint and other types of pollution. As a result, the crypto industry is flourishing with the advent of new “green” currencies that attempt to lessen their environmental effect.

The IMPT cryptocurrency pre-sale has been hugely successful, with over $4 million earned. Similarly, the popular meme coin TAMA has gained significant attention for maintaining significant profits after reaching its all-time high early this month. The TAMA coin, like IMPT, has performed well this year, making it an appealing investment.

This article will explain why investing in IMPT will be a sound investment, and experts believe by 2023, the coin value will be worth 100x gains for owners.

IMPT coin can still be acquired for $0.018 on the Impact Project website. The pre-sale has a decent possibility of hitting its target sooner than expected. Interested investors and crypto enthusiasts can o participate in the pre-sale at the lowest possible price (before it rises to $0.023 in the second phase and $0.028 in the third and final phase). If the pre-sale is something you’re interested in, you should act quickly.

On October 3, the pre-sale swiftly gained momentum, raising $150,000 in the first 24 hours, $550,000 in the next 48 hours, $1 million in the next 72 hours, and $2 million in the next five days. On the website, the project has raised $3,925,867 out of the$10.8 million goals. As a result, many experts have called it the best pre-sale of 2022.

The IMPT Project

The necessity for individuals to reduce their impact on the environment is something that IMPT hopes to help with. To offset the expense of this reduction, IMPT will utilize the carbon credits you purchase on the market. Carbon credits are a substitute for the amount of carbon emissions that have been cut. It’s the same as preventing the release of one metric ton less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

With tokenized carbon credits worth real money, the Impact Project will incentivize users to take action that benefits the environment. Also, it would reward establishments for their eco-friendly efforts by connecting them with consumers who share their values via its network.

By putting carbon credits on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs, the Impact Project will greatly boost the transparency of the carbon offsets market. As a result, the lack of transparency that has plagued this industry for years will be mitigated, at least in part, by the efforts of the Impact Project.

ESG investors may be interested in IMPT  (IMPT) as it is well positioned to benefit from expanding the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) market since it is one of the first blockchain-based marketplaces for carbon offsets.

The ongoing success of the project’s pre-sale 1 is a reflection of its high profile and popularity. Thus, the time to purchase IMPT and take advantage of its massive profit potential is now.



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Why The IMPT Project Can DO 100X gains in 2023

You may see how IMPT will do when listed on exchanges by looking at how similar-sized pre-sales have performed this year. Perhaps most impressively, the cryptocurrency Tamadoge (TAMA) raised $19 million in a pre-sale in September. As soon as it became live on OKX, its value jumped more than 1,800% from its pre-sale level.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) was sold at a discount during pre-sale for $0.0015. However, after many listings in August, the token’s price spiked to $0.00554060, offering early investors a 269% return on their money.

There is a significant chance that the Impact Project will be listed and achieve comparable success to the preceding currencies because of its strong foundations. It also has a better chance of succeeding than other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects of its kind.

We strongly believe that IMPT can achieve 100x gains by 2023. First, the driving force behind crypto is its environmentally friendly utilities.   Secondly, the Carbon Offsetting Crypto & NFT Project will be part of IMPT utilities. The Fourth reason is the Industry Partnerships, Public Team, and finally, the success of Stage 1 Presale. 

Another crypto project for the future is Tamadoge. Tamadoge has recently gained popularity due to all of its excellent capabilities. NFT ownership is one of the most recent developments in the rapid growth of the TAMA/USDT play-to-earn currency. As a result, the Tamadoge concept is taking off to new heights. Tamadoge is comparable to other meme currencies. Some think it will have a similar future value as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.

Tamadoge is unique among meme currencies since it is centered on sustainable development.

Despite a general cryptocurrency market capitalization drop, the Tamadoge coin pre-sale generated 19 million USDT in less than two months. Many industry observers believe Tamadoge’s popularity will soon eclipse Dogecoin’s.

TAMA is a trading pair on several major platforms, including OKX, MEXC, Bitmart, and others. In addition, Tamadoge’s value is increasing due to the most recent listing changes.


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You would know by now that now is always a good moment to take action. This applies to T IMPT and TAMA. To purchase Tamadoge coins, go to any of the cryptocurrency mentioned above exchanges, and you can get pre-sale to join the first IMPT pre-sale phase before it gets late. Experts strongly sentiment that IMPT will deliver 100x gains by 2023, which is two months away.


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