Blogs and new rig

Putting the finishing touches on the blog code today. Also shopping at newegg. Company of Heroes is a little more than my current box can handle, and I’m ||<-- this close to pulling the trigger on a C2D 6600 with 2GB of RAM. I'm a little disappointed DDR2 is still so expensive, I would've like to go with 4GB, but I'll have two spare slots and can always drop another 2GB in later.

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    • Inkedsphynx
    • 13 years ago

    Do it! Buy the system! I just assembled mine 2 days ago (E6600 etc) and it’s awesome. Oblivion is so pretty *sheds tear*

    • wtburnette
    • 13 years ago

    Still expensive? If I’m not mistaken DDR2 has gone up considerably in just the last month or two…

    • Krogoth
    • 13 years ago

    You better do some research on what you want motherboards, because there are still annoying issues with going for 4GBs (4x1GB or 8x512MBs).

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