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Gee, I sure hope you didn’t check out this post expecting a discussion of new hardware or a commentary on the latest news in the tech industry. If so, you’ll probably be disappointed. In case you forgot, or just haven’t been around here long enough to figure it out, I’m the biz guy. I don’t test or benchmark new PC hardware; in fact it's probably a stretch to claim that I even tinker with it. I don’t write reviews and I rarely have access to insider industry information. Proofreading everyone else's articles is about the closest I get.

I’m the one who works to make sure all the reviews, news and analysis generated around here translate into revenue. You know how it works: hardware, tools, servers, rack space, bandwidth – and most importantly, our time – all cost money. Thus the need for a guy like me to get sponsors and advertisers and to represent The Tech Report at trade shows and industry events. Of course all this has to be done without selling TR’s soul by allowing business relationships to affect content or editorial integrity. And, just as difficult, I have to keep from alienating our readers with ads that are too numerous, obtrusive, distracting or insulting. It’s a balancing act that I actually find enjoyable at times. You all are the reason we can continue doing what we like to do. Not only do we enjoy the interaction with everyone, we need you guys!

In case you hadn’t noticed, this post is a bit aimless. The deadline for getting it done crept up on me and really couldn’t have come at much worse of a time. My family has been sick, a big trade show is right around the corner, the beginning of the 4th quarter – when ad campaigns get re-worked – is upon us, and several other issues demand my attention this week. However, I voted for the staff blogs and have been anxious to get new features implemented here at TR; therefore, I couldn’t really say, “Oh wait, I haven’t had time to write anything yet!”

So, because I kind of whiffed this one, I’ll try to make it up to you guys on my next post. Here’s how: you get the chance to tell me what you’d like to read about... and I might even follow your suggestion. Within reason, of course; I’m not going to wax eloquent about pipelines, pixel-shaders, transistor counts or caches. That’s just not my schtick. But if you all come up with something that piques your interest and pertains to my role here at TR or an angle on this operation with which I have some expertise, I’ll do my best to comply. A few ideas, in case you’re clueless as to what is in my purview: gerbil demographics (remember that study we did last year?), balancing advertiser requests with audience demands (I’m sure several of you have some opinions on that one), journeys with Scott (college, worldwide travel, Wichita, canoeing, discovering Indian food…), my two home-built PCs (nothing complex, but I could give specs and experience), or something else that you’d like to read.

Of course, this is my blog. (who else hates that word?) So, just like Scott, Geoff, Cyril, Ron and Andy insist on editorial control in their articles, I reserve the right to discuss what I want here. But give me some ideas and we’ll see if we can agree where to go next.

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