Build update

I had all the hardware for my new build in hand by Thursday and got the bits stuck together by Friday night. I used NLite to slipstream SP2 and the Intel SATA drivers onto windows XP and create an ISO that I burnt and installed from. I had some trouble getting the audio drivers to install correctly, I was missing some windows HD audio component. I flailed around enough that I’m not sure what fixed it, but I think automatic updates may have eventually installed the hotfix I needed.

I’m happy with the case, it’s easy to work in and very quiet. The board was also nice to work with. The asus q-connector (about halfway down the page here) is a small touch that made the build process much easier.

I did get a substantial (at least to me) overclock out of the rig as well. I’m running 3.0Ghz (9*333) with a 4:5 memory ratio for 833. It survived a dual-prime95 run overnight with no errors, and core temps somewhere between 65 and 70C. I was able to boot and run prime without errors at 3.3 (9*366) and the same memory ratio (900Mhz), but my core temps were pushing to 80C and above, and I think it eventually throttled. I’m pretty sure it could be stable at 3.3 with better cooling. I tried 3.6Ghz (9*400) with RAM at 1000Mhz just for kicks. It booted but prime95 failed immediately. The C2D OC thread in the forums was helpful.

I made some progress on jazz last weekend. The code was in better shape than I expected, and only required minor tweaks to compile (and link even). I scrapped a non-functional build system based on autoconf and automake and replaced it with a static Makefile. Once I get it completely functional we should be ready to move to some faster servers in pretty short order.

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    • Usacomp2k3
    • 14 years ago

    Those temps do sound a little high. But then again I have my x2 3800 @ 2.5 on water, so maybe it’s just a different angle that I’m coming from.

    • indeego
    • 14 years ago
    • Inkedsphynx
    • 14 years ago

    What cooler are you using? That seems like an obnoxious temp. for even the stock fan, which is (according to various sites) quite good for a stock fan. I’m using the Zalman 9500 and my temps are 45C under load. I’ve got an E6600 OC’d to 3.15GHz.

    Did you use the thermal pad on the stock cooler also? I’ve heard word go around that it’s absolute shite. If so, I’d take it off and slap some arctic silver on there, see if that doesn’t drop your temps about 20C. Either way I’d have to say something is seriously wrong for you to be getting those kinds of temps, unless you’ve overvolted from here to mars.

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