PCI-E vs. PCIe: We have a winner

I've mentioned this before, but one of the more difficult things we do around here is sort out all of the various product names and acronyms involved in the high tech and attempt to wield them correctly. This task occasionally presents us with a stumper, as it did when PCI Express arrived, and we were forced to choose between one of two abbreviations for it: PCI-E and PCIe. At the first opportunity, I cornered a member of the PCI SIG and attempted to get an answer out of him about which was the correct abbreviation, but alas, he said he did not know whether any formal declaration on the topic had been made. Always annoyed by the goofy capitalization games rampant in technology, we cast our lot with the more distinctive and less pretentious "PCI-E" in our writing.

I met with members of the PCI SIG again last week at IDF, and curiosity got the better of me. I asked again whether there was one really correct abbreviation, and the answer came definitively: PCIe is it, trademarked and all. Wouldn't you know that the dorky capitalization would win? Going forward, we'll have to shift our usage to the "correct" abbrevation, like it or not. Get ready for talk of "PCIe" around here, one more wholly unnatural use of the shift key in high tech.

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