Win free gear from XFX or Abit

Yes, you read that right: XFX and Abit have given The Tech Report some goodies to share with our readers. Come Monday morning you'll get the whole scoop on the reason for our revelry, the list of loot up for grabs, and all the ways you can win.

But for starters, we need more nominations in our hunt for creative and witty reader contributions. Anybody who's been around here long knows that we have several talented writers sharing stories, ideas and retorts - and I'm not just talking about the staff. This is a chance for at least one of you to get a little recompense for your notable contributions to this community.

So let me make this plain. Dig up what you consider to be the best writing in an article comment or forum thread, quote it or link to it in a comment to this post (or my last one), and stay tuned to see whose nomination catches the eye of our "trained professionals."

As I've mentioned before, XFX and Abit have been simply great in their support of the PC enthusiast community. We thank them for putting their marketing resources where it matters.

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