Sony owes me $14,000

I've been spending an increasing amount of time playing console games recently, so I've been watching Sony's PlayStation 3 launch with rather keen interest. And my what a show it's been. Fanboy bickering has hit a new high—or perhaps low—with this latest round of consoles, with Sony loyalists vehemently defending their platform of choice against venomous volleys hurled by Xbox fans who have had a year to develop meaningful relationships with their 360s and Wii devotees wielding nunchuks.

Of course, I expected to see fanboys waging flame wars in forums. That's what they do. I didn't expect to see the same kind of petty attacks coming from Sony itself, though. Sony has caught flak for saying all sorts of petty, silly, and flat out incorrect things over the last couple of months, and their latest gaffe is quite a laugh. In the latest issue of EGM, Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton said the following:

If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1,200 bucks for it.
That, of course, prompted numerous sites to seek out stacks of PlayStation 3s lining store shelves. They didn't have to look far, and even I bumped into a palette of consoles over the weekend.

At least a dozen PS3s were sitting just inside my local Costco, surrounded by throngs of shoppers who couldn't have been less interested. No one so much as approached the display in the five minutes I stood there trying take a cameraphone picture that didn't suck, and wandering the crowded aisles didn't reveal anyone with a PS3 in their cart, either.

So Sony owes me round about $14,000. And a new Reality Distortion Field is born.

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