A belated Christmas thanks

While painting my bathroom yesterday evening I was listening to Jars of Clay, and realized that we had some unfinished business related to our Christmas Charity Raffle. First off, let me say that you guys were great. As mentioned when we announced the winner, TR readers donated $6363.75 for Blood:Water Mission. Simply put: that rocks.

Blood:Water Mission is a "boots-on-the-ground" charity that helps meet a couple of the most critical needs in impoverished areas of Africa. They build wells to supply communities with clean drinking water and they help local hospitals obtain clean blood supplies to treat infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS.

Several years ago Scott and I spent the better part of a summer in Uganda and came face-to-face with the dire need for basics such as clean water and decent health services. Most Ugandan people live with the day-to-day reality of severe illness and death. The day we arrived we attended the funeral of a young boy who died of tetanus, which he contracted after cutting his foot while playing. What would be unthinkable in our country, was a regular occurrence there. Since that summer, we've stayed involved with the region in several ways. Hopefully we have helped raise awareness among some of our readers.

So to put a final punctuation on the Christmas celebration and benevolence, we wanted to share this thank-you note.

Blood:Water Mission, The Tech Report, I personally, and, especially, hundreds of people in Africa who are benefiting from this effort, all say "Thank you."

Of course, the raffle would not have been as successful without the help of our sponsors. Thanks again to Corsair, XFX, NCIX, Intel and eVGA.

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