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In my immediate workspace those terms represent companies whose products I use to help me do my job. I thought about writing a haiku or rhyming poem with the names. My daughter memorizes her phonograms and other vital first-grade data using rhythmic phrases set to catchy melodies. It works quite well.

But I don't really need to memorize that list of brands. Many of these products were purchased or given to me many years ago and are still in use only because I haven't the money or time to upgrade. They're not all brands I'd even recommend. But without the items wearing each of those names, I'd have trouble accomplishing my day-to-day duties behind the scenes at The Tech Report. They don't get a second thought, unless they fail me.

There is, however, a different list of brands that are worthy of that second thought, or even a first thought. Thankfully, there are a handful of companies who've decided (with a little persuasion) that they will help make it possible for us to provide this venue and publish these reviews.

PC enthusiasts are a niche community. Our interests don't have the kind of broad public appeal that, say, Paris Hilton, American Idol or Big Brother inexplicably garner. So when companies step up to sponsor The Tech Report and give us the ability to keep reviewing the hardware and sharing what we learn with this community, we periodically should stop and say "thanks." There are many ways they could get their marketing message out, so we are highly appreciative that they've chosen to support us.

I'll start with four supporters who've been with us so long that we've lost track: Abit, OCZ, Newegg and PriceGrabber. We really appreciate their long-term commitment.

Corsair, XFX, Crucial and NCIX are also regulars whose support we've come to rely upon.

And one of our newest sponsors, Shuttle, has made a commitment to this community that should be taken seriously.

A couple others who've been there for us are Enermax and Verizon, albeit for short campaigns or through vendor relationships.

For all that they've done to make this site and this community possible, I thank them and ask our readers to keep them in mind if you're in the market for the sort of products or services they offer.

And, if that's not enough, there's always poetry...

Newegg sells Corsair
Shuttle, OCZ, Crucial
Abit, XFX

through NCIXUS
sells them all the same


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