Where's the scrolly blue news?

I delivered some key bits of info about the new site in my intro article that seem to have been missed by many folks. Since that's so, please humor me as I restate them here for everyone to see one more time. They are:

  • You can switch to a blue color scheme — Check out that nifty "A/A" icon on the far right of the nav bar in the site's header, just beyond the search field. If you press it, you'll get a more traditional TR blue color scheme. Your brower should remember your preferences.
  • The news page has moved — We wanted to use a new layout for the front page that better serves a broader audience, but our news page is right here for all to use. (It's also linked from the "More stories..." link in the news widget on the front page.) If you prefer this sort of layout, by all means, bookmark this page and make use of it. We built it for you, in direct response to your feedback.

    Blue, scrolly news lives on.
  • A wider page template is coming — We realize many folks prefer a wider page width, and we've committed to creating a wider version of our layout, with a toggle like the blue switch, for readers to use. Unfortunately, it's not ready yet, but it's on our to-do list. Hang tight.

There's more to say, but I've said it in my intro article, which explains things in more detail. Please read it if you want to know more. Thanks.

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