Go retro with the new TR

Since the launch of our revamped site earlier this week, we've been making tweaks in response to your feedback. The latest round of changes was rolled out late yesterday, and I think they should make the new site a much more hospitable place for long-time readers who prefer something closer to the old look. We've also made some adjustments to improve usability generally. Among the changes:

  • The old-school TR-style scrolling news page should be easier to find. It's now linked from the "Latest news headlines" heading on the front page. Also, the "More stories..." link has been renamed to "News page..." and the links next to it have been moved away, making it easier to find and click. Still, you may want to bookmark this page if you prefer to land there first thing.
  • The news page itself has undergone renovation. The index of blog posts is more prominent, and we've added links to "Top discussion threads" and the Shacknews feed. News headlines are larger, as well.
  • Our blue stylesheet (available via the "A/A" icon in the far right of the nav bar, next to the search field) now has 88% more retro TR goodness, with a darker blue and an overall color balance much closer to the old site. I think this change makes the dark background/light text arrangement work better, as well. For those of you who are interested, I talked about some of the technical reasons for changing our default color scheme in this earlier blog post. At any rate, if you combine the blue style with our revamped news page, well, most TR regulars should feel right at home.

We continue working to iron out minor bugs and the like in the new site, so bear with us if you run into problems. Your feedback has been key to making these adjustments. Cyril is brainstorming away on the best way to arrange things with the optional wider page layout we've promised, and with luck, we'll roll that out in the next week or two, as well. Thanks for your patience.

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