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While at Newegg’s LANFest 2K7 a couple weeks ago, I took note of several contests and promotions targeting gamers and PC geeks.  I don’t want to turn every blog entry into a press release, but a couple of them are worth mentioning.  Shuttle, Diamond and OCZ, all sponsors of The Tech Report, have promotions that will yield prizes for simply doing what many of us want to do anyway.

First off, Shuttle has a case design contest with over $6000 in goodies, including a Shuttle XPC G5 3300 PC with a XP17 portable LCD… not a bad setup there.  Unlike their last giveaway, which was exclusive to The Tech Report’s readers, this one’s open to anyone and is garnering quite a few entries.  But I’m sure you guys have a better-than-average chance of taking home some of the loot, so don’t delay because the deadline for entering (pdf) is October 30th.  After Shuttle narrows the entries down to a handful, they’ll be inviting us to vote on the winners, so stay tuned for more news on that.

UPDATE: Submission deadline for Shuttle’s case design contest has been extended to November 18th.

Next, Diamond and OCZ, in cooperation with AMD and several other sponsors, are promoting the Total Gaming League "Roughneck Challenge."  It’s a single elimination tournament using the retail version of Team Fortress 2.  Don’t drag your feet here either because it’s set to begin on Sunday, November 4th.  Based on chatter in our forums, I’d guess we have several players who are already on or could put together a competitive team for this free-registration tourney.

That’s it for the public service announcements today.  Now get registered for your contest of choice and get back to what you were doing.

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    • krazyredboy
    • 12 years ago

    I wish I could enter my computer, but I haven’t modified any shuttle systems yet. I’m certain that my desk system would have scored well.

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