Village wireless VoIP project overview

Summer 2007

The goal of this project is to provide reliable and inexpensive voice communications for villages in an isolated, mountainous area in the developing world.  The project will take advantage of tools such as open-source software, low-cost wireless routers, solar power, mesh networking, unlicensed radio frequencies, and voice-over-IP technology.

The project will begin with a small-scale pilot project to explore how these tools can be used effectively in the target area, and to help develop a sustainable business model.  The first phase of the pilot project will focus on networking approximately ten villages to allow village-to-village connectivity.  The second phase will be to connect this network to the outside world to allow communications with other locations, such as the capital and other countries.

If the pilot project is successful and there are sufficient resources, a larger project of up to a hundred locations will be considered.  Because of the extremely low literacy rate in the area, Internet access is not being considered at this time, although possible future phases could include telemedicine or distance education.

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