Node 14 site survey

October 19, 2007

We packed the usual site survey equipment and took a drive up to the area proposed for node 14, using Google Earth directions as a rough guide.  It was cold, foggy, and a little difficult to find, but when we did arrive, we discovered two gates, both wide open, and were able to drive up a little beyond.  The road did not permit driving all the way up to the towers; for the next trip, we need a truck, preferably four-wheel-drive in case of snow.


We walked around, took pictures of the towers, signs, and the area which looked good based on Radio Mobile and Google Earth.  West of the road there is a large area which had been clear-cut for timber and seemed ideal.  The area east of the road is thickly wooded and has no hope of line of sight without a professional tower.  Rain made walking around unpleasant and I was concerned about getting the camera wet.  We also could not actually see the site for node 13 because of fog, but we were able to see at least beyond the mountain in the right direction (according to the compass), so if Radio Mobile is any indication, the line of sight should be good.  Cell phone coverage was also good.

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