Permission for node 14

October 29, 2007

Some effort was required to get permission to do our testing on the node 14 site.  It turns out that the east side of the mountain (the road and the wooded area east of it) is owned by the government, and west of the road is owned by a forest products company.  We were able to get a hold of a representative for the east side and explained what we were planning to do and the long-term project goals.  He said the area is public land and that we were free to drive to the gate (which he thought would be locked, although it turned out to not be), walk up to the top (less than half a mile) and have a look around.  To get permission to do our connectivity testing, however, he would need details about exactly what we would be doing and he would need to talk with others to make sure it would not interfere with the equipment which was operating there.  There are five sites operating on the top of the mountain, including a wireless ISP, so he wanted to be certain that our testing would not interfere.

On our site survey, I concluded that the top of the road, and even a ways down the road where our car was parked, probably have sufficient line of sight to the node 13 site, but the company-owned land west of the road was better suited because it was farther from the existing equipment and had better line of sight.

After a little phone tag, this morning I was able to talk with a representative of the forestry company about what we wanted to do.  She asked a number of questions about what "connectivity testing" was, what we wanted to do, and the organization we were working with.  I explained that the frequencies we were going to use were 'public domain' and should not cause any interference with the equipment there.  She finally reluctantly agree that we could do our testing under the terms they have to allow hunters to use the property.

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