TR Forums go to phpBB 3.0

You may have noticed that the forums look very different this morning. We've upgraded our forum software, phpBB, to the new version 3.0. If you're a forum regular, the new interface for phpBB may take some getting used to, but if you check it out, I think you'll wind up liking it. Version 3.0 has some nice new features that really improve usability.

On top of that, the most important changes are probably the ones related to forum moderation and spam-fighting. Our mods now have have much better tools to fight off unwanted junk.

In fact, we've moved pretty quickly to get the software update online because of spam problems. As a result, we have only one "skin" for the forums ready to roll, which is the default one you'll see in there now. Cyril did a great job of adapting the new phpBB default template to match with the rest of the site. Our plan all along has been to offer a blue version of the new look for those who prefer our old-school color scheme, but we don't quite have it ready yet. It's coming.

For now, enjoy the new tools and let us know if you run into any problems, so we can troubleshoot them.

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