A correction on the ThinkPad X300: SSD only!?

In our recent first podcast episode, we were engaging in a bit of techno-lust over the ThinkPad X300, which we've dubbed the MacBook Air killer.  During that segment, we got to talking about the solid-state drive in the system, and I said that, of course, Lenovo would offer a regular mobile hard drive as a cheaper, higher-capacity option.  However, Walt Mossberg's first look at the X300 says otherwise:

The biggest downsides to the new ThinkPad X300 are price and limited storage capacity. Unlike the Apple, which can be ordered with a higher-capacity, lower-priced hard disk, the new ThinkPad will only be available with the expensive, limited capacity solid-state drive. So it will start at between $2,500 and $2,800–up to $1,000 more than the Apple’s base price–and will be limited to a paltry 64 gigabytes of storage.
Ouch.  If this info is correct and Lenovo can't be persuaded to see sense, the X300 may have priced itself out of much of the market.  That would be a shame.
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