Introducing TR image galleries

We've just added a new feature to the site: image galleries, represented by the film-strip interface you can see at the bottom of this post.  You can navigate through the images via this interface and click on the thumbnails to view larger versions.  Try clicking on the left-right arrows in the film strip in order to step through thumbnails of all images in a gallery.

The main goal of the galleries is to allow us to attach a series of images to a news item or blog post and have them be managed automatically.  At present, most of the galleries on the site are largely comprised of images taken from our reviews.  Over time, we'll be adding other images of various types, some of which may be higher resolution.  Those you may want to hit the "view full size" link in the gallery view in order to see in full.  Most of them will probably be web-sized, though.

In order to populate our first galleries with some larger images and see how it all works, I've attached some higher resolution images to this post, most of them from photography for recent reviews.  They are largely unretouched.  Please note that these pictures were not taken with the intent of being posted at full resolution on the web, so photography snobs need not offer their advice or critiques.  The rest of you: enjoy.

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