What are your recs for core programs?

After two and a half years with my current box, I'm finally building myself a new PC and upgrading to Vista x64. One of the main chores involved in setting up a new system, of course, is installing that core set of programs I use for simple, everyday tasks. However, I've realized as I've looked over the list of programs to install that my choice of software has grown very stagnant. Surely better programs have come along to handle some of these tasks, especially the quick little network clients of various types.

So, let me hit you with some names of basic (and sometimes ancient) programs, and let me see what you all think about possible alternatives to them.

-EditPad Lite

Some of these I want to replace. Some I might possibly replace, even if a more capable replacement costs money. And one or two of these you may have to pry from my cold, dead hands. But I'd like to hear your thoughts. What do you use for these purposes, and why? If you've upgraded from something on this list, why did you do so? Thanks.

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