The TR Forums (finally) get their blue color scheme

We transitioned our forums to phpBB 3.0 in late January, and I completely reworked the default forum template for the occasion. The new template was styled to match our default site design more closely, and (we think) made the forums look cleaner and more readable. I used a beige and blue color scheme, and I planned to add an all-blue color scheme shortly afterward to match our alternate style for the front page.

Unfortunately, a number of other projects got in the way—namley the new poll system, podcast, image gallery system, our latest system guide, and a few other things. Making the blue style was also more complicated than I expected, since in addition to changing color tags, I also had to redo around 70 icons to fix the antialiasing and remove ugly white borders around images.

I bit the bullet last weekend and finished changing the icons, making the blue look complete. I've already rolled it into production, and you can enable it in by hitting your user control panel and going into the board preferences section, like so:

Once you hit submit and go back to the front page, the forums should look like this:

Enjoy! As usual, we and a few volunteers have tested this already, but do let us know if you come across any bugs or problems that we didn't catch.

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