Vista SP1 nuked my network file copies

Recently, I built a storage server for my LAN and migrated all of my important documents over to it.  Even more recently, I built myself a new PC and installed Windows Vista x64 on it, with some trepidation about the network file copy performance issues some Vista users have encountered.  Happily, though, my system didn’t exhibit any such problems, with crisp and speedy performance accessing files via a drive letter mapped to a network share.

Then I upgraded to Vista SP1, which is supposed to banish the problems some folks have been having on this front.  My reward was a surprising one: now my system has precisely the sort of problems it didn’t have before!  I’ve tried a number of things—installing newer NIC and audio drivers, enabling jumbo frames, disabling UAC, a few other tweaks—but I still get episodes like this:

Lovely.  Eventually, the file copy failed outright, as did a few other accesses I had running to that same mapped drive.

The target machine is Windows XP-based, uses the latest hardware, and plays well with all of the others on my network.  The only thing that’s changed is my machine’s upgrade to SP1.

I’ve spent some time googling around and looking at MS’s knowledgebase, but there’s no obvious fix.  Ugh.


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