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We've worked hard to build an informative and reliable publication with the best reviews and latest news from the world of PC hardware. The Tech Report has become a well-known brand among industry insiders and enthusiasts, be they gamers, IT professionals, or hobbyists.

Nevertheless, many readers want more. Either due to the unhealthy level of trust they've placed in TR, or the all-to-common deficiency that some geeks have for fashion sense, we keep getting pleas for clothing. Yeah that's right—shirts, hats, bathrobes, and the like. We're happy to oblige, since it gives us the opportunity to extend the reach of the TR brand a bit.

Preferring to keep our focus on the core components of the PC rather than the peripherals and accessories of the personal computing lifestyle, we've outsourced this project to a local guy we know.

Custom Logo Outfitters has provided us with high-quality and great looking t-shirts and polos that we’ve bought for clients, trade show swag, contest prizes, and even to adorn our own sun-starved bodies. When we went looking for someone to set up the store, the Custom Logo guy said he could handle it, beginning to end. He owns a franchise of a nationwide school and business uniform company, which provides the online storefront.

The process has been slow, but we’re finally ready to launch. Although we’re not personally carrying the inventory, taking orders or payments, or shipping the products, we did select the shirts and hats ourselves and ensured that the logo embroidery is top-notch; you can inspect the logo stitching on close-ups posted in their product pages. Make no mistake: the products are great; these are not cheapie, give-away shirts. They’re heavy-weight, durable, great-fitting threads. Furthermore, I know the company will provide good service, even if their online storefront is… well… somewhat less than elegant.

Head over and check out the goods. There are a couple grades of polo shirts, some t-shirts, ball caps and even a hoodie. If you’re hung up on our former logo and colors, there’s an old-school t-shirt just for you. I’m told that if you need special sizes like tall or petite, Custom Logo will try to accommodate you if you let them know. And please tell us what other products you’d like added to the selection. If we can do enough business with these guys then we’ll re-stock soon with a broader selection of goodies, based on your feedback.

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