Shout out to Asus

Every so often I get to introduce people or features here in the Inkwell, which is always fun.  This post isn't exactly an introduction, as the subject is certainly well known to the majority of our readers.  I guess this would be more of a formal recognition.  Asus is a familiar moniker to most PC enthusiasts for their motherboards.  And now with the success of their Eee line of subnotebooks netbooks, Asus is becoming a recognizable brand to a wider slice of the North American market.  

Just yesterday I was cleaning the dust bunnies out of my main system and pondering how reliable the SK8N "workstation" board has been for me over the past few years... one might even say "rock solid" (though not "heart touching").  I've had to replace an Antec PSU and a Sapphire graphics card in this rig, but no bulging caps or even a hint of a problem from the SK8N.  I've thought about building a new system this year, but unless I decide to splurge and upgrade from GTR FIA Racing to Race Driver GRID, my current setup is still adequate.

Back to my main point, I want to thank Asus for supporting the PC enthusiast community in a variety of ways, from the steady stream of new products for our editors to review, to special events like ROGCon.  Yeah you guessed it, this is a plug for a sponsor by the biz guy.  But it's not difficult to appreciate and thank these guys; props to Asus for all their help.

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