In search of Bluetooth input for a couch gaming system

Although my Xbox 360 has seen plenty of action over the last year, my gaming PC has sat largely unused. That's not so much a knock against the PC as it is a reflection of where it sits—in my home office, which is otherwise known as The Benchmarking Sweatshop. After spending countless hours in here testing hardware and hacking together reviews, this is the last place I want to be when I have downtime to enjoy. And so my gaming system has gathered dust, broken out only a few times over the last year to polish off Portal and Call of Duty 4.

My Xbox has remained an active gaming system because it resides in the living room, is connected to a 42" plasma perfectly placed opposite a comfortable couch, and lies far from the stacks hardware that demand attention in my office. This is a prime gaming location, and with shooters like Left 4 Dead and Mirror's Edge on the horizon, I've decided to move my gaming PC into the living room. Why struggle with awkward shooter controls on a console when I can enjoy all the precision and customization options of a keyboard and mouse?

Ah yes, the keyboard and mouse. The only problem with moving my gaming system into the living room is that I'm going to need a good wireless keyboard and mouse. I don't want to rely on IR or RF—not that I have pro-gamer reflexes that demand extreme controller responsiveness, I'd just rather not have to deal with range and connectivity issues—so I'm looking into Bluetooth solutions. They're not cheap, and quality reviews seem to be few and far between, so I'm putting a call out to the TR community. Have you used any of the Bluetooth keyboards and mice on the market, and if so, are any particularly well-suited to a living room gaming system?

For what it's worth, I've been eyeing Microsoft's Wireless Entertainment Desktop because the company's mice tend to fit my hand well. The 7000 also seems to be one of the cheapest options available. Any suggestions?

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