Say hi to the TR navbar v3.0, now with a menu

In case you haven't already noticed, we've made some changes to TR's navigation bar. After transitioning to a text-based navbar a few weeks ago, we've now added a menu to house some of the non-major sections on the site:

The navbar still has direct links for the most important sections and the forums, but you'll have to mouse over the "More..." menu to access our systems, multimedia, and miscellany sections. We've used this new real estate to add links to our news, podcasts, blogs, archives, and about pages, too, so you'll be able to navigate to those from anywhere on the site. Handy. Along with the navbar change, I've also replaced TR's striped blue background margins with something a little darker and easier on the eyes.

Be sure to let us know if you run into any problems. As always, if your browser is rendering something completely unlike the screenshot above, you might wanna try clearing your browser's cache or hitting CTRL-F5 first. I've written the whole thing in CSS, though, so even folks who have JavaScript disabled should have no trouble (well, unless they use Internet Explorer 6, since we had to use a JS-based workaround for that browser).

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