Who needs a proper photo studio?

After finally receiving one of Apple’s new aluminum MacBooks last week, I’ve been doing some testing and working on my review of the machine. And as you likely know, good photography is a cornerstone of TR reviews. Scott and Geoff have both devised ways to take great pictures of the latest processors, graphics cards, motherboards, and other devices over the years.

Trouble is, I live all the way over in France, and I don’t have anything resembling professional studio equipment in my 540-square-foot apartment. Taking TR-quality photos of a 13.3" notebook turned out to be a challenge, but I think I pulled it off. Behold my makeshift studio:

You’re looking at four pieces of melamine pushed together, my desk lamp (with a 20W compact fluorescent light bulb), my living room lamp, my girlfriend’s umbrella, about a quarter roll of aluminum foil, some duct tape, and some scotch tape. Actually, the hardest part was contorting to keep my carpet out of the shots. I’m pretty pleased with the results, though:

Look for the finished review early next week, and check out the image gallery below for high-resolution versions of the shots above.

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